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Research Papers

Research Papers

Sr.No Name of faculty Research Interest Ongoing work
1 Prof. Abhijit Chirputkar Director Finance, Valuation, Derivatives, Audit and Assurance, Risk Management Audit and Assurance, Risk Management
2 Dr. Giri Hallur Deputy Director Telecom Policy, Telecom Regulations, ICT Governance, Convergence of Technologies, Revenue Assurance – Telecom perspective, Mobile Banking, Cloud Technology Telecom Regulations and Policy
3 Dr. Pramod Damle Professor Cyber Security, Systems Audit, Business Continuity# Executive Coaching Content Analysis of Telecom Tariff Orders of TRAI, Coaching Needs for Middle-aged Executives
4 Dr. Sujata Joshi Professor Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Application of Technology in Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Business Analytics, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Application of Technology in Marketing, Consumer Behaviour
5 Dr. Sandeep Prabhu Associate professor Service Quality Customer Experience Management
6 Prof. Prasanna Kulkarni Associate professor Impact of IFRS on Indian industries/Sectors, Companies, and Financial Markets, Business Modelling for 5G Networks, Business Modelling for Security Services IFRS, Recent Trends in Management Accounting
7 Prof. Avinash Aslekar Associate Professor Management, Networking Information systems/Sciences Analytics, IT
8 Prof . Madhavi Damle Assistant Professor Digital Convergence & e-Business and Macro Development with GDP Growth, Current Trends in Knowledge Management and Innovation Information Digital transformation, Technology, Strategic Management & Financial Management. Knowledge Management and Innovation, Business Transformation
9 Dr.Tripti Dhote Assistant Professor

Consumer behaviour

Product Management

Brand Management

Integrated Marketing Communication

Digital and Social media

Experience Branding ,Purposive Branding,Social media & Brand Storytelling ,Case Study: Dealing with Behavioural Change
10 Dr.Saikat Gochhait Assistant Professor Cloud Computing , Entreprenuership and Marketing Arab Women Entreprenuership ,Artificial Intelligence,International Trade
11 Dr. Pankaj Pathak, Assistant Professor Decision Models, Speech Recognition, Smart Technologies Industry 5.0, Smart Technologies,
12 Prof .Samaya Pillai Iyengar , Assistant Professor IOT, Framework, Architecture,Healthcare,Databases IOT,Healthcare
Total Publications:- 261
        Health Promoting Initiatives OMPI-Health and Wellness Indicator