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  • Tackling the obstacles of IOT implementation in India
  • Electronic Smart Systems: A turning point in Defence and Military
  • Digital Transformation: Reshaping the future of Gaming Industry
  • SEO in Voice Search Future of SEO
  • Data driven Marketing Strategies, Challenges and Solutions
  • Moving beyond Paperwork: Blockchain in Public Sector
  • Drones of tomorrow: Regulations, Legal aspects, Guidelines & Policy gap in India. Can they be legitimized?
  • Big data analytics for customer’s lifetime value prediction
  • Blockchain Regulatory Framework in Financial Industry

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  • Analytics In Telecom- Changing Business Model from Red Ocean To Blue Ocean
  • Challenges faced by industries towards the mainstream adoption of Virtual Reality
  • Cyber Crimes in ICT
  • Digital Twin
  • Electric Vehicles: Predictive Analysis on Adherence Level of E-Cars
  • Study of Socio Economic Aspect
  • Feasibility and success rate of chatbots on Websites with reference to their customer association
  • Feature Phones – Next Big Thing?
  • Green Wireless Telecommunication: Shift Towards 5G network
  • Heterogeneous Networks and Small Cells: Optimization and Improvisations
  • Insinuation Of Botnets In Digital Marketing

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  • Emerging Revenue Streams-N-Sided Model
  • Telecom and IoT: Revenue model and challenges
  • The road of evolution from 4.5G to 5G
  • Heterogeneous Networks in LTE using Small Cells
  • Implementation of Block Chain Technology in Roaming Fraud Scenario
  • Implications of Convergence in the ICT Industry
  • Leveraging Blockchain Technology for the Security of IoT Devices
  • Security: A Real Threat to Volte Success
  • More Evolution and Growth of Financial Technology in India
  • Impact of Convergence on Telecom Regulations

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  • Data Privacy Concerns for Big Data Monetization in Mobile Application
  • Is Beacon Technology a new proximity to Omni-channel in Retail?
  • Leveraging on the Benefits of an AWS Direct Connect with an Enterprise Location Space
  • A Synopsis of the Indian E-commerce Space and its Future Prospects
  • Synergy Driven Business Consolidation
  • Increasing profits out of existing 2.5g/3g Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • Next Generation Passive Optical Network

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