Guidelines and Rules - SIDTM Pune

Guidelines and Rules

Guidelines and Rules

Attendance and Academics

100% attendance is expected to be maintained by all the students. However, 25% absence is permitted for medical and unavoidable domestic reasons for which relevant proof is to be submitted.

No student is allowed to go out of station without the prior approval of the Deputy Director.

Placement facility will be withdrawn for the student if he/she has 5 or more than 5 papers as Backlog after revaluation result of 1st year.

For academics, the institute shall follow the rules laid down by SIU.

Discipline and code of conduct

We value self-discipline and do not believe in policing. However, any act of indiscipline or immoral behavior will invite strict disciplinary action including rustication from the institute. Similarly, damage to equipment will invite heavy deterrent fines besides disciplinary action.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.

Helmets are compulsory for two wheelers.

Prohibition of Ragging

Ragging within or outside the institute premises is strictly prohibited.

Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside the institute shall be punished in accordance with the Maharashtra Prohibition of ragging Act 1999.

Dress code

Students have to wear formals for guest lectures, workshops and seminars.

For regular classes students are expected to wear decent outfits.