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The SIDTM Experience

The SIDTM Experience

Students at SIDTM (Formerly SITM) are part of a techno- management business school that has remarkably evolved into a center for learning and excellence in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) a well as digital technology management domain. It has made its presence felt in these industries with over 3200+ alumni, tirelessly contributing to the growth of organizations throughout the ICT / Digital value chain in India and abroad.

An SIDTM (Formerly SITM) student experiences a potent mix of academics, domain expertise and professional skills. He is endowed with experiences beyond knowledge. This is achieved through continuous exposure to seminars and workshops, industry visits / exhibitions and professionally conducted events.

Apart from academics, our students work on various committees under the guidance of the faculty, which enables them to implement “best practices” in management. An SIDTM student, as a business leader of tomorrow, needs to be aware of corporate social responsibilities and therefore, students are encouraged to take part in various extension activities. In these 2 years at SIDTM, student’s abilities would be put through various tests which would eventually refine him into not only a telecom / digital business leader but also a “good citizen” with high moral values.


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