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Prévision – Annual Telecom Forecast Report, initiated in the year 2003, provides the industry with a neutral and insightful point of view regarding the current and emerging trends in the digital and telecom sector for the forthcoming year. It is the only effort of its kind in the telecom domain being attempted by a business school, which provides comprehensive coverage over various domains in the telecom sphere. The report which is now in its 21st year of publication is an endeavour by the students of SIDTM (Formerly SITM), along with guidance from the faculty, alumni, and industry experts which encompasses the forecast of various parameters of the telecom industry to identify, highlight and understand significant changes in the telecom ecosystem. Having spent 2500+ hours of work and statistical-factor analysis, inputs from the faculty, SIDTM (Formerly SITM) alumni base, and the industry experts, predictions are made about the market trends in the telecom sector for the forthcoming year. This year, Prévision’24 would look to broaden the insights of the ever-expanding telecom horizon and would leave no stones unturned in taking forward its magical aura.

Following Verticals are covered in Prévision’24:

Verticals Scope at a Glance
Indian Telecom Indian Telecom Subscriber Base; NLD/ILD; Telecom Index; Wi-Fi Calling; Mobile number portability (MNP); Case Study- Semiconductor landscape
Digital Mobile Services Mobile Governance; M-Commerce; M-Blockchain; Digital Payment; National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR)
Broadband Satellite Broadband; Li-Fi; Fixed Wireless Access; Wi-Fi; Internet Telephony; DOCSIS
Telecom Technologies Open RAN; Massive MIMO; 5G; SDN/NFV; SON (Self-Organizing Network); SD-WAN
Telecom Software NGOSS/BSS; Cloud Native 5G Core; Cloud Billing; AI/BI; AIM Platform; CRM
Communication Infrastructure Active/Passive Infrastructure; VSAT; Smart poles; Deep Fibre; LPWAN; Green Telecom
Consumer Electronics Mobile devices; AR/VR Headsets; Wearable devices; Connected Vehicles; Security Appliances (BYOD adoption, VPN, IDP)
Global Telecom Domains covered are APAC, AMER & EMEA
Special Feature Metaverse

For more details, contact :

Prof. Giri Hallur
(Faculty In-Charge, Prevision)
Phone: 020-61936172
Email :

Devanjal Singh
(Chief-Coordinator, Prévision’24)
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Varsha Kodag
(Vice Chief-Coordinator, Prévision’24)