IBM and SIDTM have partnered to help students enhance their skills in areas of managerial decision making and strategy. This program initiated by Career Education for Business Transformation(CEBT) focuses on the major areas of business transformation where software plays a critical role.

The most unique feature of the Program include setting up of an IBM Business Analytics Lab within our premise, where IBM will provide relevant software for CEBT training, to address the increasing need for T Shaped skills in the global market place.

The Program brings together the latest software content, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab course, best practices and case studies all into a single unique education program.

IBM business Analytics lab

2) Through this collaboration………..

From the desk of Mr. Abhijeet Chirputkar – Director – SIDTM (Formerly SITM)

The telecom industry, world over, has seen in the recent time a paradigm shift in areas of operations, customer relationship management and the role of IT. These changes, in addition to the telecom knowledge, demand T-shaped skills from the students wanting to join the telecom industry. This has necessitated the need for the B-school like SIDTM (Formerly SITM) offering management education in a niche domain of telecom to blend the core telecom courses with courses like Business Intelligence (BI), Cloud computing & Social networking. Through this collaboration and the setting up of the IBM’s Centre of Business Analytics at SIDTM (Formerly SITM) students & faculty members will get access to a suite of software packages like IBM Cognos , DB2, Lotus Connect, Tivoli,& Web Sphere. This software suite will provide SIDTM (Formerly SITM) students hands-on exposure on Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, E-Marketing, Social Networking, Services Sciences Management and Engineering, IT Services Management and Cloud Computing.

SIDTM (Formerly SITM) and IBM will be working closely to develop faculty expertise in this area and aim to develop managerial talent required by the industry that appreciates and understands real-life business issues and can utilize technology for business and social benefit.

The primary objective of SIDTM (Formerly SITM) is not only to get students and faculty members familiar with various software tools provided by IBM but also get them exposed to using these tools for understanding number of concepts involved in business transformation, industry best practices, and enterprise software. All students and faculty members who successfully complete the track and specialization courses will receive certificate from IBM Career Education.

3) Scope of IBM CEBT
The Program will cover the following modules

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Information Management
  • E-Marketing
  • SSME & IT Infrastructure Management
  • Social Networking

4) Continuous Learning from IBM
SIDTM (Formerly SITM) and IBM will provide continuous learning and enablement through the IBM developerWorks platform. To join this group for activities, webinars, downloadable resources and conferences join IBM Business Analytics @ Campus on