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Capacity development and Skill Enhancement

Capacity development and Skill Enhancement

Communiqué International Telecom Seminar

Speaker:   Mr. Vishal Salvi

Designation: CISO & Head of Cyber Practice

Organization:  Infosys Limited

Profile:   Mr. Vishal Salvi has over 28 years of Industry experience in Cybersecurity and Information Technology across different Industries. He is currently working as CISO & Head of Cyber at Infosys Limited. Before joining Infosys, he has performed various leadership roles in Cybersecurity and Information Technology at PwC (Partner Cyber – 2 years), HDFC Bank (SVP & CISO - 8 years), Standard Chartered Bank (SVP & Head Cyber Ops – 11 years), Global Trust Bank (IT Ops), Development Credit Bank (IT Ops) and Crompton Greaves (IT Sales). He is a well-known leader in the Cybersecurity industry within India as well as globally and has been part of the Cybersecurity domain for the past two decades. He is a regular speaker in major local and global Cybersecurity conferences for sharing best practices and raising Cybersecurity awareness across the industry.

Date:  26th April 2021

Title:   Cybersecurity

Details:    Mr. Vishal Salvi started the session on an interactive note, with an explanation of Cybersecurity w.r.t changing times. It was explained how industries have adopted Digital Technology and why it means different to different people. It was very well explained that how we can enable technology to make our business effectively, with an example of Asian Paints. It is a company in decorative and industrial paints, which is making huge profits. Not because of the quality of paint, it manufactures, but the use of Data Analytics, which has strengthened its Logistics. Students also learned how Covid increased the pace of Digital adoption and how it contributes to the revenue of each organization like in Infosys, digital revenue alone accounts for more than 50% of the company’s revenue. He explained some major changes in the industry like the rate of adoption of cloud, cloud-enabled access, which has facilitated Work from Home and Study from Home. All these changes shaped Cybersecurity.

The speaker also stressed the increase in adoption of smart devices, AI in various applications, and some incremental changes like moving from Waterfall to Agile Technology, which has made the world of Cybersecurity continuously evolve and catch up with the latest technologies. It was explained how the threat surface has increased, amplifying the number of Cyberattacks and our ability to solve these issues. The speaker also emphasized ‘Fraud as a Service’, how the threat landscape is continuously growing, and also explained various types of threat actors like Ethical hackers, Nation-states involved in espionage, etc. Students learned various Cybersecurity frameworks, which are the most relevant in today’s world. The Speaker also explained the role of cybersecurity professionals in an organization and how to align the objectives of an organization with cybersecurity. He also discussed various fundamental objectives for Cybersecurity and why one cannot promise 100% security to an organization. Insights on developing skills and getting certifications were shared.

Evolution and Future of Cyber Security

Speaker:   Dr. Durga Prasad Dube

Designation: Senior Vice President and Head IRM of Reliance Industries Limited.

Organization:  Reliance Industries Limited

Profile:   Dr. DP Dube has done his Ph.D. in Cyber Security from IBCS, SOA University. He is a Global CISO, Senior Information Risk Management Professional, Author of published Books, Speaker in Cyber Security. He is currently working as the Senior Vice President and Head IRM of Reliance Industries Limited. He has experience of almost 30 years in working for both Public, Private, and Research organizations in senior positions in the area of Cybersecurity and Information Risk Management( IRM)

Date: 19th February 2021

Title: Evolution and Future of Cyber Security

Details: Dr. DP Dube started this session with the evolution of information security from the 1960s to the present, showcasing the changing scenario of it. He shared the 1970s protecting information security with “confidentiality” as the goal and the 2000s’ evolution of information security which implied protection of human beings from cyber attack, making “governance” the center stage. He explained the scenarios from 2000 through 2005 using technology as a differentiator focusing on the cybersecurity, vulnerability, and control scenario. It also included the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002. From 2005 through 2010 performance evaluation of cybersecurity came into center stage. ”Stuxnet” which was the world’s first cyberweapon came into the limelight in the year 2010 as well.  He explained the cyber threat evolution whose main aspects were endpoint, network, and application. He also discussed the vulnerability trend moving from known, unknown to trusted and mentioned control measures shifting through the timeline to protect cyberinfrastructure, networks, and residing data.

The present state of cybersecurity and the importance of cybersecurity by looking at the WEF Global Risk report was explained. He introduced us to the cybersecurity opportunity initiative framework which involved initiatives like policies and regulations, human capital development, research, innovation and technology development, clusters, and financing. He discussed the future trends in cybersecurity focuses on Cybersecurity governance taking the centre stage and the need for CIP (Continuous Improvement Program) for cybersecurity function. We learned the expectations of the cybersecurity industry from academia. The lecture concluded with a small Q&A session where the guest interacted with the students and cleared their doubts.

Introduction to Customer Value Management (CVM)

Speaker:   Mr. Ameet Phadke

Designation: Associate Vice President - Growth marketing

Organization:  Rebel Foods (Formerly Faasos)

Profile:   Mr. Ameet Phadke has over 14 years of Industry experience in Growth Marketing, Customer Lifecycle Management, Analytics, Product Management, Pricing, Business Development, Consulting, and Marketing. He is currently working as an Associate Vice President - Growth marketing at Rebel Foods. He has been a consistently high performer with leadership and Team Management Skills to effectively manage business operations in a dynamic & competitive environment.

Date:        25th July 2020

Title:         Introduction to Customer Value Management (CVM)

Details:    Mr. Ameet Phadke started the session on an interactive note with an explanation of customer value management (CVM). CVM is defined as a field of marketing that deals with maximizing Customers’ lifetime value by application of analytics, pricing, language engineering, and cost-effective communication strategies. He discussed the importance of CVM stating that it is extremely useful in customer retention and gaining customer loyalty. As no business can afford to be an Off-Line only business, the online business can be related to having more customer data, knowing customer behavior, getting a chance to tailor experiences, and the ability to turn a customer into a loyal customer.

CVM entails the following aspects:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Pricing (Personalized)
  • Communication Strategies
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • Optimization

To establish robust customer value management, it is important to have the right tools:

  1. Customer Segmentation: Using various methods like rule-based frameworks, heuristics, and propensity-based models.
  2. Product-Market fit: Finding the right products for the right markets through qualitative and quantitative research and customer testing.
  3. Marketing automation tools: Deploying tools for multi-channel orchestration of campaigns.
  4. Reporting and Visualization: Generating relevant reports and visualization to aid decisions.

Sir also helped the students understand the KPIs, which influence customer value management. They are customer lifetime value, Transaction value/ARPU, churn control, up-sell, and cross-sell. He substantiated the concept with help of case studies, which helped the students to understand the basics of CVM with more clarity. The session ended with a question-answer session where students interacted with Sir to clarify their doubts.

A progressive approach to transform the post-pandemic turnaround into opportunities

Speaker:   Mr. Amanpreet Singh

Designation: Founder

Organization:  F13 Technologies

Profile: Mr. Amanpreet Singh is the founder of F13 Technologies. F13 Technologies drives technology-led business breakthroughs for industry leaders and challengers. He was also the director at Sehwin Healthcare, Advisor at Project CLAP, Territory Manager at Beatest and Apple In Education, Sales Intern at OYO and Business Development Associate at Manavta Cancer Foundation

Date:  6th June 2020

Title:  A progressive approach to transform the post-pandemic turnaround into opportunities

Details:    During the session, the students learned about the approach that needs to be followed after the pandemic situation to grab the opportunities. Sir explained the need to follow a progressive approach. Opportunities are not limited; it depends on perceptions. He explained to take the opportunity and to have acceptability. After acceptability, we should be courageous enough to take responsibility. Sir asked us to know our capabilities. The applicability of our capabilities is important for us to know. There will be a turnaround in recruitment methodology, job location, job role retention after this pandemic. He explained to us the need to be flexible enough for this. We should know how to present ourselves as a product.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Amit Gupta

Speaker: Mr. Amit Gupta has over 11 years of Industry experience in Product Management, Pricing, Business Strategy, Business Development, New Product Development, Marketing & Communication. He is currently working as an Associate Director at KPMG. He has been a consistent high performer with leadership and Team Management Skills to effectively manage business operations in a dynamic & competitive environment.

On 31 st July SIDTM (Formerly SITM) had invited Mr. Amit Gupta to deliver guest lecture to the 2 nd year MBA Batch. The opening question being regarding the expectations of the audience from the lecture, the stage was all set for an interactive session.Narrating the Zen Master story, Sir emphasized the importance of the concept of learning, unlearning and relearning. Talking about the marketing concepts, he presented his take on the 4Ps and how they have been incorporated in our lives.Depicting the trends which swiped the Indian economy during 90’s, 2000 and 2008 marking the era of Liberalization, IT revolution and even recession, he highlighted that being a young country , India showed the world that it is not as vulnerable as others thought it to be . With the advent of cashless society,instant gratification and rise of digital consumer India has come a long way. The future being marked with disruptive technologies like augmented reality, social media, mobility , cloud computing , big data , embedded system etc. have led to a nonlinear consumer buying process because of the way services are being marketed, these were some of the insights sir dwelled upon.

He also touched the various aspects of product management, providing the audience with enough food for thought regarding brand salience, brand imagery,brand tracking, loyalty framework, reasons for customer churn etc. In terms of telecom he also mentioned that the operators should collaborate with OTT players in order to increase data usage .The session was made interesting with the use of relevant audio visuals and examples . He encouraged the student to put forward their view point on the topics being discussed and garnished them with his expertise.

GREENOVATION - Innovations in Telecom for a Greener Environment

"GREENOVATION- Innovations in Telecom for a Greener Environment" was a thought-provoking panel discussion, which revolved around the constraints in telecom technologies and some of the viable solutions for a greener environment. The discussion started with a simple question of “What is Green?” after which the panelists elaborated further on it, yielding the fact that the total carbon dioxide emission globally is about 40 Gigatons and is expected to increase up to 52 Gigatons till 2020, a prime concern for our planet.

Renewable energy technologies like hydrogen and methanol fuel cells, solar and wind energy have contributed to a minor decline in the carbon footprint but these sources are not commercially viable as telecom industry lacks proper infrastructure and aptly trained people for these technologies.

Policies and regulations play a vital role in these kind of innovations to step-up. The Government of India has issued a notice to all telecom operators to make all towers in India hybrid by 2020. Energy Efficient Solutions like consolidation of devices for less power consumption which actually means consolidation of all microwave components in one box and all antenna components in another could well be a game changer. The use of single RAN technology and self-defined networks are going to be the future of telecom industry.

S. No. Name Designation
1. Mr. Amit Shrivastava Head-Energy
2. Mr. Anil Wathare Chief Technology Officer-Maharashtra & Goa
3. Mr. Ashutosh Gaiha Head Infrastructure Planning and Designing
4. Mr. Kundan Das Director APAC, Business Development
5. Mr. Mitrabh Shukla Head- IP Planning and Optimization
Alumnus Mr.Priyank Chandra quoting the importance of summer internship.

Speaker: Mr. Priyank Chandra,Senior Strategy Consultant, IBM Global Business Services After a trail blazing two months of summer internship, the students were treated by a mesmerising Lavale weather, but were also reminded of what lies ahead – the Placements Season. The batch was provided with added motivation as Mr. Priyank Chandra of IBM interacted with them on 19th June, 2015. A proud alumnus, Mr. Priyank talked about the positive changes that he had observed in the batch after working in the industry. He revisited the checklist he had shared with the batch before the summer internship period, and reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of many students. An energetic mentor that he is, Mr. Priyank humorously pointed out some areas of improvements for the students as he talked about project reports and INTERVIEWS. He also stressed on the importance of reading and sharing of information and ideas within the batch, and staying up to date with the latest happenings in the Telecom sector.

Union Budget 2014-15

Speaker: Ms.Manasi Phadke, Economist, eminent Faculty and Consultant.

Topic: IUnion Budget 2014-15

She gave valuable insights about the Union Budget 2014-15. She started by making the students aware of the importance of the Union Budget followed by its basic constituent elements. She threw light on the entire economic perspective and the policies of the country which included the Fiscal and the Monetary Policy. Also, she emphasized on the role of our new Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi in constructing a budget which focussed on developing long term assets of our country such as infrastructure, defence, efficient education system and so on which will in turn help in reducing the Fiscal Deficit value significantly. Moreover, she talked about what the new budget promises in terms of opportunities for students in the telecommunication sector. All in all, the session was an enriching experience for the students.

Windows Operating System-The Road Ahead.

Speaker: Mr.Vikram Pendse, Subject Matter Expert - Windows Azure & Application Migration Capability at Avanade India Development Center

Topic: Windows Operating System-The Road Ahead

He started by explaining some of the key features of Windows OS which play a major role in differentiating it from the market leaders like iOS and Android. He also shared his experience while working on various projects with Microsoft emphasizing on the fact that Windows is one of the easiest platforms for any developer to work on. Moreover, he threw some light on Microsoft's strategy behind Nokia's acquisition and the steady growth of both the companies together from then on. On being asked about the future of Windows OS in Mobiles, he discussed the upcoming trends in the Windows OS and how they will keep the customers engaged.

DIGITALIS - Stimulating Marketing Opportunities.

N"DIGITALIS - Stimulating Marketing Opportunities", a mesmerising Panel Discussion threw light over various upcoming trends and technologies in the telecom market. The motive revolved around providing a platform to converge various viewpoints on the mobile marketing and hence, analysing data using big data which could directly impact social and digital media.

Social and digital media in recent years have come up with an aid to customer engagement. A broadened perspective over this customer engagement involves many advantages in the areas of sales and revenue generation from the company's point of view and knowledge transfer from customer's point of view.

With the evolution of social and digital media, data on an extremely large scale is being generated every second. Here comes the importance of Analytics & Big data which unfolds as a cure for marketing myopia and boon for customised marketing.Hence evolves the ease of customised Mobile marketing and mobile devices- changing face of online sales and lead generation.

S. No. Name Designation
1 Mr.Anuj Joshi Partner Development Manager
2 Mr.Chetan Bhangdia Associate Vice President
3 Mr.Harshal Vaske Assistant Vice President, Sales
4 Mr.Jatin Madan Business & Marketing Strategist
5 Ms.Priyanka Shah Business Director- Mobility
6 Mr.Rajeev Mahajan Director – Digital & Mobile Banking
Innovative marketing strategies and sales cycle/ Mr Girish Patwardhan

Name: Mr Girish Patwardhan, Sales and Distribution consultant

Topic: Innovative marketing strategies and sales cycle

Mr Girish Patwardhan, at the beginning of the lecture, shared his valuable experience during his tenure with various prestigious organizations like Cadbury, Kevincare, Reliance retail etc. With the help of a short film, he explained various stages of a sales cycle and the challenges pertaining to sales in different industry verticals. He also discussed about the need of innovative methods in formulating the marketing strategies in today's competitive environment.

Upcoming Trends in M2M Technologies / Mr Anuj Ashokan

Speaker: Mr Anuj Ashokan, President, TSDSI

Topic: Upcoming Trends in M2M Technologies

At the outset of SIDTM (Formerly SITM) becoming member of prestigious TSDSI (Telecom Standard Development Society of India), it was an honour to have Mr Anuj Ashokan, Subject Matter Expert- M2M, President (TSDSI) and an esteemed alumnus of the institute to share his thoughts with students. He is currently working with TTSL in Planning and Implementation of M2M technologies. It was an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable insights about the upcoming trends in M2M and what value SIDTM (Formerly SITM) can add to the future of industry. He shared his experience about the challenges faced while implementing M2M and the road ahead. During the discussion, he emphasized the fact that India, by no means is lagging behind other countries in implementing M2M and it's up to institutes like SIDTM (Formerly SITM) to take the initiative forward.

Global trends in Cyber Security/ Mr.Durga Prasad Dube

Speaker: Mr.Durga Prasad Dube, Chief Information Security Officer, Reliance Industries

Title: Global trends in Cyber Security

The session threw light on how systems can be protected from malicious attacks when now-a-days the vulnerabilities are so prominent. As the digital revolution is picking pace, we are exposed to threats more than ever before. Mr. Dube emphasized that cloud computing offers numerous benefits but it also enables hackers to better mystify the source of their attacks. The unknown vulnerabilities the system is exposed to are called 'Zero Day attacks'. He raised a concern that even after investing so much in this field there is no decrease in susceptibility of attacks. He discussed the various trends arising from cyber-attacks and threats posed by them. Towards the end, he stressed upon the urgency and criticality associated with the threats to the cyber space, the need to predict solutions for the threats to be posed in future and the role government, legal bodies and awareness among people can play in protection of the cyber space.

Importance of Executive Presence

Speaker: Mr. Mukul Chopra, Head-Engagement and Strategy, Aircel

Title: Importance of Executive Presence

Mr. Mukul Chopra's lecture on 'Importance of Executive Presence' explained executive presence and its importance in an organization. His insights on how an individual can make his presence felt in a large organization were a big value addition to the knowledge of students. He explained this methodology using the P.I.E. Model i.e. Performance, Image and Exposure. The model explained how to create a good personal image and get one's presence felt in the organization. According to the model, the first principle for sustainable excellence at work is an individual's performance. The second part of this model i.e. 'Image' emphasized the need to create a good perception and reputation of oneself in minds of peers in the company. The third and last component of this model i.e. 'Exposure' is concerned about exposure we create for ourselves. Towards the end of the session, he also addressed queries of students concerned to importance of content presentation and expectations from new joiners in an organization.

Rules of The Game: Discover, Learn, Invent the art of speeding up your career/ Dr. Sumit Chowdhury

Speaker: Dr. Sumit Chowdhury, President, Enterprize Eco-system, Reliance Jio Infocomm

Topic: Rules of The Game: Discover, Learn, Invent the art of speeding up your career

Dr. Sumit started with saying that learning is something that never stops and we keep learning through our experiences. There is a need for everyone to reinvent themselves every day in order to differentiate oneself from others. Dr. Sumit said that one has to identify set of rules which apply to him- 'Keep doing things till you are really good at it and inculcate this kind of rigour and discipline in yourself'. He said that everyone has a purpose in life and to achieve it, one has to transform himself. Most of the times we don't realise our purpose and avoid going out and getting hammered but we must understand that if we state our purpose clearly the whole world would conspire to fulfil it.

In response to a query regarding experiments in life, he replied that one should experiment with connected things so as to create a story. Keep exploring options in order to make good decisions. Keep transforming the definition of success because goals keep changing at every stage in life.

Dr. Sumit concluded by saying that the things which you don't want to do are your biggest limitations. We should not let constraints affect us rather we should learn how to manage our career after we have made a choice to weave our experiences into something more meaningful.

Workshops & Seminars conducted during 2015 to 2020
Sr. No  Title of the workshops / seminars conducted  Date, Time and Venue  Resource Person(s): Name, designation, affiliation  Abstract / short note on the workshop/seminar  Approxim ate number of attendees 
1. Workshop on Practical Aspects of  Intellectual Property 24-01-2020, 9.30 to 4.00 PM, SIDTM  Conference Room 1. Dr. Shashikala Gurpur SLS Pune Professor & Director, SLS
2. Dr. Rupal Rautdesai, Associate Professor, SLS Pune
3. Prof. Smita Pandey,Asst. Prof., SLS Pune
4. Prof. Ujwal Nandekar, Research Assistant, SLS Pune,
5. Prof. Amol Sapatnekar, Teaching Associate, SLS Pune,
6. SLS Pune , Prof. Smita Pandey,Asst. Prof., SLS Pune
The workshop is aimed to provide the basic skills to participants on the practical aspects of Intellectual Property Rights protection.

To evaluate the result/expected outcome of creation or invention and identify the appropriate Intellectual Property applicable in their field.

2. ITS-Seminar : Communique 19 International Telecom Seminar – Communique 2019 :“Impetus Futuro – Widening Horizons, Developing Perspectives ” 21- 09-2019, 22- 09-2019, 9.30 to 5.00 PM, SIU Auditorium Lavale 1. Shwetank Tamer, Director - Pre-Sales and Project Delivery, OnMobile Global Ltd.
2. Rajesh Gangadhar - Head of Wireless Broadband Converged Platforms,
3. Sterlite Tech Subhas Mondal - Chief Architect (5G), Wipro Ltd.
4. Manish Pandey – Partner Director, Nokia Software
5. Rishi Tejpal - Lead Analyst (Telecom),Times Internet
6. Mr Vipin Tyagi, Executive Director and Chairman at CDOT
7. Sunil David – Regional Director(IOT),AT&T
8. Prakash Narayanan – VP- RPA and AI Tech Delivery, Barclays
9. Pradeepta Mishra – Director-AI, Lymbyc
10. Rahul Gupta – Director - Strategy and M&A, Cognizant
The essence of the event is its panel discussions and keynote sessions which give a glimpse of futuristic trend in the ICT industry. The topics for panel discussions were decided and finalized in the month of June which finally led to the unveiling of the theme of the event.
1. 5G Fluctuating Fortunes: Traversing Through Unknown Terrains
2. The 21st Century Crew: Paving Way for a Changing Workforce
3. AI Maturity: Rising above the Woulds, Coulds and Shoulds
4. Deciphering Personal Data Protection Bill: Compliance, Conceptions and Constraints.
3. Tedx-Seminar Theme:- "Crayons- the Creative Quotient". 22-02-2019, 9.30 to 5. 00 PM, SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1.Dr. Syed Kirmani Indian Wicket Keeper
2.Dr. Latika Nath Wildlife Conservationist, Photographer & Author
3.Dr. Varkha Chulani  Psychotherapist & Enablement Expert
4.Subramanyeswar S  Chief Strategy Officer, Lowe Lintas
5.Devashish Sharma,Artificial Intelligence Expert and Country head, Wattpad
6.Mr. Sober Emmanuel Maverick Musician, Blogger & Story teller
7.Dhara Jain,Production Designer & Space Stylist
8.Tushar Shah,Consulting Physician & Poet Stand-up Artist
The theme was about showcasing the diversity and reflecting the varied colours of life which can be unobvious, off track, unheard of and yet those which can add a different dimension to a mundane thought process. The aim will be to delve into new thoughts, relevant notions that can encourage and trigger young minds to think unique and gather an out of the box perspective. 100
4. E-Summit: Start-up  India supported by Government of India 12-01-2019, 9.30 to 5.00,  SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1.NikhileshTiwari, alumnus of SITM and Co-founder at Helical Insights.
1. Bharat Pandit,Senior VP- Strategy & BI at TATASKY
2. Dhananjay,Sharma, COOfficer, SenRa.
3. Amol Deshpande, Director of R&D,BMC Software.
4. Arun Kondpalle, Founder and CEO Vector GPS.
5. Rutuja Wanjari, Co-Founder, Soulputs
6. Vidya Vellela, founder & CEO atFasthelp
1.Rahul Sasi, Founder, and CTO CloudSEK.
Mr. Nikhilesh Tiwari shared the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey and also talked about how after two failures, it was in the third endeavour that he got successful with his venture. He stressed upon developing the never give up attitude and keep trying

Mr. Bharat Pandit’s insightful address on transition in the telecom industry and the importance of revenue assurance was a great learning experience for the students.

Mr. Dhananjay,Sharma’s thought-provoking session clearly depicted the power of technology in making life easier.

5. ITS-Seminar: communique 18 Theme: Establishing New Synergies: Together Towards Tomorrow.. 07-09-2018 & 08-09-2018  9.30 to 5.00,  SIU Auditorium Lavale 1.Edwin Moses, Group VP, Oracle
1. Ashutosh Kumar, Business Head, Rivigo
2. Shekeb Naim, Sr.Research
Manager,Markets & Markets
Gig Economy: Unravelling the Ayes and Nays. Deepening Data Chasm: Banked Amidst Service and Security  IoT Labyrinth: Graduating from Adoption to Value Creation 300
6. Tedx-Seminar Theme: ‘#ideacracy- a world of Democracy of Ideas – Ideas for the people, by the people and of the people.’ 24-02-2018, 9.30 to 5.00,   SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1.Mitali Mukherjee, business journalist
2.Manoor Sachdev chief canine student at Canines Solution pvt
3.Sonam Nair, writer and director
4.Mahesh Chauhan, Founder of SALT BRAND SOLUTIONS.
5.Mithilesh Vazalwar ,Coffee Q-Grader
6.Aneesha Dala, master instructor and principal dancer
7. Punya Arora, stand-up comedian
With a strong desire to spread the power of ideas by inviting curious souls from various disciplines was the objective of the event. The event consisted of seven talks from the most fascinating souls, each from distinct backgrounds. 100
7. E-Summit : “Techpreneurship: Opportunities & Challenges” 20-01-2018, 9.30 to 5.00, SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1.John Kuruvilla, innovator Brand Manager
2.Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnaga, leader in ‘IoT and digital space
3.Ashim Roy, telecom
4.Shivangi Nadkarni, co-founded Arrka consulting
5.Debashis Das founded Bharati Robotic System
6.Mr.Prakash Sharma , specialization in Startup Ecosystem
7.Dr.Satish Patil,  Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Crysagi Systems
An entrepreneurial conclave, that aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit among the young students. 300
8. ITS-Seminar : Communique 17 ,Theme: Demystifying the Telecom Conundrum: Opportunite`  illimitee` 15-09-2017 & 16-09-2017 ,9.30 to 5.00, SIU Auditorium Lavale 1.Vikas Grover, CIO Vodafone India Ltd.
2.Chandan Kumar,Director, Marketing & Business –Huawei Telecommunication
3.Ashutosh Vasant, Chief Project Manager, Railwire, Railtel Corporation  of India Ltd.
4.Laszlo Posset, MDT-Systems Abhishant Pant,Director –Prepaid and Digital Visa
5.Tejus Shah, Director, Capgemini
6.Divya Jain, Director-HR advisory, Grant Thorton India LLP
7.Aniruddha Basu, VP-Idea Cellular Ltd.
Opportunité  illimitée aims to explore how the industry landscape would manifest itself and lead to a complete change in the very genesis of business thought. This creates an increasing need for us, as budding techno managers, to know how the industry is trying to deal with these changing scenarios. All the panel discussion topics for this year shall focus on how digital industry is aligning itself to the changing business scenario in this fast changing era. 270
9. Tedx-Seminar 04-03-2017,9.30 to 5.00, SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1.Aneil Deepak (Aka Andee), Executive Director & Head of Ideas, DDB Mudra Group
2.Jasmine Sandlas,    Songwriter, Singer
3.Kautuk Srivastava Stand up comedian
4.Neha Aggarwal, Table Tennis player, Indian Olympian, Women’s sports advocate
5.Dr. Nayana Patel IVF Expert
6.Sonia Kulkarni, Pinkathon Ambassador, Partner at Ketchum Sampark
7.Yashodhara Lal, Author, Zumba instructor
8.Zubin Atre, Yoga instructor
With a strong desire to spread the power of ideas by inviting curious souls from various disciplines was the objective of the event. The event consisted of seven talks from the most fascinating souls, each from distinct backgrounds. 100
10. Connexion-Seminar 19-08-2017, 9.30 to 5.00, SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1. Harjeet Khanduja, VP - HR ,JIO
2. Dr. Christina Augestine, HR Leader
3. Shweta Sharma, Manager- Humar
Resource ,Blazeclan
1. Aalok Purohit, Global Director – TA, Zycus
1. Tushar Mehta, Head HR, Mphrx
Artificial Intelligence the Challenges and Opportunities for Indian ICT Job market and how to re-skill Reinvention of Performance and Goal Management was the main focus of the discussions. The speakers made it richer by sharing their experiences in their respective fields. 270
11. IPR GL Session on Intellectual Property and IPR 15-10-2016, 9.30 to 5.00, SIDTM Conference room Mr. Pravin The objective of the workshop is to help the participants understand what different types of intellectual property rights are. It helps to understand what rights they have for their work. What process to acquire and retain the rights. The significance of PR in Business 15
12. ITS-Seminar: Communique 16 ,Theme:Digital Coup D'état: Bolstering Transformation to Digital Economy 17-09-2016 & 18-09-2016, 9.30 to 5.00, SIU Auditorium Lavale 1. Vikas Grover,CIO & Technology Planning Head-Vodafone India
2. Chandan Kumar,Director of marketing and solutions-Huawei
3. Ashutosh Vasant,Chief project manager Rail wire- RailTel
The occasion anticipates throwing some light on how Telco’s  ought to change their plan of action to pick up multifold in their future. Right from availability for people to network between advancements which is bringing about meeting, availability between the gadgets, between the

organizations all that is helping them to capacity better should be at core interest. Presently this is empowering keen advances which will think of some arrangement which can touch the life of ordinary citizens

13. Tedx-Seminar 05-03-2016, 9.30 to 5.00, SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1. Dr. Ravindra: heads the Centre for Sustainable Development.
2.Sudhir Mishra is an Indian film director and screenwriter
3.Indrani Bagchi is a senior diplomatic editor with The Times
4.Dr Shyam K. Bhat, MD, is a Psychiatrist, Integrative Medicine specialist
5.Madhu Menon is a chef, writer and a food consultant
“What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas”.From generation to development, tocommunication of new ideas; where an idea is understood as the basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete or abstract. This theme reflects on the process of transfiguring and sharing ideas, innovations and knowledge, and seeks to target the mind of the audience in a manner that belief in oneself and confidence of migrating into the future is instilled despite the prevalent ambiguities. 100
14. Connexion-Seminar 27-08-2016, 9.30 to 5.00, SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1.Dheeraj Goyal, Regional HR Manager, ITC
2.Sameer Nandan, VP Human Resources, Voonik
3.Leenesh Singh, Head-HR, Atom Tech
4.Shweta Srivastava, Head-Talent Acquisition,Indus Tower
5.Sarita Mathur,Sr. HR Manager,DataWind
Conexion’16 which is an endowment of Conexion’15 hosts the theme, ”Reshaping Talent Management: Role of HR in Business Transformation”. The role of human resources has been evolving for some time. HR can provide value to understand how changing environmental, organizational, and workforce factors will likely influence the business, anticipate the associated HR needs, and be prepared to deliver appro-priate
solutions to meet those needs. This conclave will take discussions and deliberations from “Talent Analysis through Technology” to the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve paradigm shift in the performance of people through Transformation.
15. ITS-Seminar: Communique 15, Theme: Evolving Connectivity: unfolding Opportunities in the Digital World 11-09-2015 & 12-09-2015, 9.30 to 5.00,SIU Auditorium l, Lavale 1.Dr. Vijaylaxmi Gupta, Member TRAI
2.Amit Marwah, CTO, India Region Nokia Networks
3.Vishal Jain, Partner EY
Communique dealt with contemporary trends and discussed  how industry would react to it. The main focus was ICT business domain, ICT industry  involving telecom Metamorphosis. Telcos business model and their goals with ICT. IOT, M2M communication, Big Data Monetization,Sustainability, mobile financial services were topics of  interest. 240
16. Tedx-Seminar  Theme: Excelsior…Dreams To Reality 21-02-2015,9.30 to 5.00 PM, SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1. General Bikram Singh, He was Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (CoSC) of the Indian Armed Forces.
2. Ira Trivedi, Author, entrepreneur, columnist, and yoga expert
Excelsior….Dreams to Reality”, that ignites the spark ofndreaming big yet entrusts one with the belief to explore the impossible. It drives one to transcend all the barriers & spread the ideas worth bringing a cultural and social shift, and inspires other to follow the unconventional yet excel. This year TEDxSITM elevates itself to the University level as TEDxSIULavale. On 21st of February 2015, “Get DelighTED, IlluminaTED and MotivaTED” 100
17. Connexion-Seminar 16-08-2015, 9.30 to 5.00,SIU Conference Hall, Lavale 1. Sanjay Kumar, (Moderator),VP - Capability Building and Knowledge Management, ITC Infotech
2.Devesh Chaturvedi, HR Consultant, Orange Business
3. Amrita Kachroo Regional Head – HR, Airtel
Conexion’15 at SITM aims to provide an interactive and intuitive platform, where industry and emerging talent meets to explore various strategies and discuss the insights of modern  technologies to envisage future digital world. 240
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