Ranking - SIDTM Pune



The Week-Hansa Research National Survey 2022 recently ranked the Top B-schools of India after conducting a survey involving multiple stakeholders like academic experts, current students, aspiring students and recruiters from all major cities in India.

The ranking considered a perpetual Score as well as factual score based on the following parameters.

  • Age and infrastructure
  • Faculty and teaching
  • Research and Innovation
  • Entry standard
  • Placements
  • Alumni base

The survey and ranking placed especial emphasis on Placements and Entry Standards.

Symbiosis Institute of Digital & Telecom Management secured an overall ranking of 32 amongst 1300 eligible colleges and an impressive 21st rank amongst the Top Private B-schools in India.

Here is a snapshot of the rankings

Top Private B-Schools All India 21
Top B-Schools West Zone 11
Top B-Schools Pune 04

GHRDC has recently published ranking of B-Schools 2022 in India. In the process, more than 250 B-Schools were involved and Symbiosis Institute of Digital & Telecom Management secured an impressive 10th rank in the category of Top Eminent B-Schools of Super Excellence.