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Case Folio

Case Folio

SIDTM-Student Case Folio:

Cases in Digital and Telecom Technology Management” started in the year 2019, is an initiative by the institute to expose students to the nuances of case study writing and developing technology solutions to address the problems faced in these case studies. SIDTM is a techno-management business school that has remarkably evolved into a centre for learning and excellence in the digital & telecom technology management domain. At SIDTM, we focus on Digital and Telecom management. The curriculum consists of core management subjects and is applied to digital technology management through case studies. While searching for case studies, it was observed that although many case studies are available in the management domain, there are very few magazines or case books which offer technology management case studies. SIDTM took this challenge as an opportunity to develop cases studies in the technology management domain, which can be used in the classrooms.

Students were involved in this case study writing project. A set of 2 or 3 students under the mentorship of a faculty mentor took up problems or issues faced by companies, farmers, manufacturers etc. and how these could be resolved using technology solutions. This initiative proved to be a good learning experience for the students as they could relate how technologies can be applied to resolve problems faced by organizations. A brief abstract of these case studies has been printed in the form of a booklet which has been named as “SIDTM-Student Case Folio: Cases in Digital and Telecom Technology Management”. The Volume 1 of the Case book was released in 2019. This volume contains abstracts of case studies on different techno-management topics such as: Implementation of AI ML In Dairy Sector, Technological Advancements in the Dairy Industry, Comprehensive Description on Automated, Hydroponic Indoor Farming System using LEDs, Cattle Health Events or Diseases and many more. The full case studies will be made available on request.

On behalf of the SIDTM, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the Professors for their support and guidance and to the students who have directly or indirectly contributed to the magazine.