Specialisation - SIDTM Pune



All our courses are offered as a dual specialization with finance as a specialization in addition to core specialization in Systems, Marketing or Analytics.

Systems and Finance Specialisation (60 Intake): The Systems and Finance specialization at SIDTM (Formerly SITM) offers a unique blend of business and technology to deal with the challenges of the widespread adoption of digitization and digital technologies. Systems and Finance specialization is for the new age technology managers who would be responsible for business processes, product development, and project management, etc. Other than the course curriculum, the students are offered various industry-relevant certifications and training on Cybersecurity, DevOps, Internal
Audit, AWS cloud, etc.

Marketing and Finance Specialisation (60 Intake): The Marketing and Finance Specialization at SIDTM (Formerly SITM) scores the perfect balance at being a technology and marketing domains. The course offers subjects on marketing as well as technology aspects in relation to marketing. Subjects like Brand Management, Sales Force and Channel Management, marketing communication and many more prepare the students for handling both B2B and B2C marketing. The placements record and the alumni profile has proven that our students are succeeding in not just the telecom domain but also in other domains where Digital Technologies have been adopted. The technical knowledge has proven to be the differentiator and the USP in the resume of the students.

Analytics and Finance Specialisation (30 Intake): With the increasing demand for data science and analytics, SIDTM (Formerly SITM) introduced Analytics specialization in 2017. SIDTM (Formerly SITM) has an IBM Analytics lab and it also offers courses in line with it. The Analytics specialization lays a strong focus on various tools being used by the industry. With added additional in-demand industry certifications, and research projects. The addition of Finance as a dual specialization has added a lot of value to the course. The course pedagogy revolves around live case studies, workshops, and a summer internship. Subjects like R, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, IBM Cognos, Data mining, Social Media Analytics, and Data analytics and big data form an integral part of the specialization.

Specialization Allocation Process: Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management (SIDTM) shall be admitting 150 students (+ a few more) These students shall be admitted to MBA (Digital & Telecom Management). SIDTM offers three specializations (Marketing & Finance, Systems & Finance and Analytics & Finance) to its students as per 60:60:30 divisions (of 150) respectively. First semester of the incoming batch will be common to all. However, starting second semester these students will be imparted knowledge based on specializations chosen by them.

The students may have higher inclination to some specializations as in comparison to others. In order to create a transparent selection process and for acknowledging the merit, SIDTM has adopted the Specialization Allocation Process for selection of these students to various specializations being offered. The combined marks scored by the students in the first semester internal tests for three courses (1) Business Statistics (2) Network Concepts and Components and (3) Essentials of Marketing Management will be considered . The allocation of the specialisation will be done in a descending order on the basis of combined marks scored by the students.

Specialization Allocation Process (SAP) and Specialization Allocation Test (SAT) will be announced to the students well in advance so as to give them time to prepare.