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Boot Camp on Group Coaching for Career

“What got you hither, won’t take you further” – A quote, probably by Marshall Goldsmith

  • You think hundred times about your next career transition,
    but always wondered: How could I get clarity of thoughts on that?
  • You often ruminated about starting in right earnest for career transition, but were clueless: What is the proper direction I should take?
  • You decided firmly that you would put in solid efforts for job switch, but mused: Why does that vague feeling linger in mind, holding me back?

If these issues click a spark, you are certainly game for this Boot Camp.Do read on for more details.

Executive Coaching (EC) – a potent tool for professional progression – has been gaining the ground all over the world and India is obviously not an exception. Gone are the days when it was construed as a stigma for the coachee executive who would then be seen as a laggard. These days EC is getting deployed not just for encouraging an ineffective person for better performance, but for boosting the efficacy of a promising manager who has already been doing well.

Another significant change taking place in the field of EC is that instead of being confined to the top brass like MD or CXO it is now descending a notch or two, to equip the tier 2 executives to rise to the top. That’s why a manager undergoing EC is considered to be a blue-eyed person on an ascent to the top rung of the ladder.

BC-GCC has two special features: Firstly, it is focused on the career transition; and secondly, it addresses not just one, but a few executives as coachees concurrently. The first feature does not target the auxiliary issues like the coveted post/ designation, choice of the function/ portfolio or the dream company; but instead reaches directly to the roots of coachee’s disposition about the career that has latent but large influence on the job jumps. The second feature, with its very nature of one-to-many association, removes the so-called inhibitions stuck to one’s mind and the group gets into more and more open discussions, as it dawns on everyone, slowly but surely, that I am not alone having these apprehensions.

BC-GCC is now open for SIDTM’s alumni with work-ex from 5-15 years, aspiring to be CXO down the line. As of now s/he may be at a tier 2, like AVP/ SVP/ EVP or AGM/ DGM/ GM, heading a field office or leading some function at HQ of a company from any domain.

  • Schedule ………………Two full days : 11 & 12 Jan. 2020
  • Venue ………………….SIDTM, Lavale Campus, Pune … for the program as well as stay
  • Last Date to Register: December 30, 2019
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Prof. Pramod Damle – currently heading consulting at SIDTM – is the Executive Coach for this assignment. Having received instructions in Maths, IT, Laws, Banking, Psychology, Project Management, Cyber-security & Systems Audit, he has balanced his career, spanning across 40 years, between practice & preaching; practice by way of consulting roles at RBI, Reliance, IBM, SBI etc. and preaching by way of Professor/ HoD/ Distinguished Fellow at IIM, IGNOU, Univ of Pune, Yashada (Govt. of Maharashtra’s apex training academy), RBI’s IDRBT, ISACA, etc. Before joining Symbiosis, he was CEO of his own consulting company in the area of cyber security & systems audit for over a decade.

Backed by his well-rounded experience he has researched extensively on career transitions, published related papers and has worked as Executive Coach for senior officials of MNCs.

Pre-Class / Spadework
Our interaction will start about two weeks before the Boot Camp, over email via:

  • Acclimatization of the process
  • Filling up a couple of basic data forms &
  • Completion of two questionnaires

In-Class Deliberations … an intensive, semi-structured interaction as under:

11-Jan-2020 12-Jan-2020
Morning Slot (0900-1100)

Not Applicable,
as Clients would be travelling

Morning Slot (0900-1100)

  • Intro. to Influence of Upbringing
  • Questionnaire on Upbringing
  • GCC: Looking at a Rear-view Mirror
Forenoon Slot (1115-1315)

  • Inaugural & Ice-breaking
  • Overview & Expectation Setting
  • GCC: Looking into a Mirror
Forenoon Slot (1115-1315)

  • GCC: Interpretations & Discussions
Afternoon Slot (1400-1600)

  • Intro. to the Career Anchors
  • Questionnaire on Career Anchors
  • GCC: Looking through a Telescope
Afternoon Slot (1400-1600)

  • Residual points, if any, in the 2 days
  • Feedback? Feed Forward !
  • Path of Future Growth & Conclusion
Evening Slot (1615-1745)

  • GCC: Interpretations & Discussions
Evening Slot (1615-1745)

Optional, 1-on-1 consultations
(15-30 min., with prior appointment)
Not mandatory for All

Post-Class Feedback & Feed Forward

  • Tele-Talk / video-conferencing on 1-on-1 basis for a month
  • Avenues of elaborate 1-on-1 EC for more & precise goals

Interested? Please Register to know more.