Summer Projects - SIDTM Pune

Summer Projects



  • GNO INCP Dash-boarding and Reporting

6Degree Limited:

  • E-commerce Marketplace - Performance Tracking & Cataloging
  • Ecommerce digital transformation: Enhancing business growth through strategic technology integration


  • Facilitating UKI Payroll Transformation: Repository Reorganization, Test Execution Assistance and ADO Test Maintenance Support
  • Generative AI for Metaverse
  • Omniverse as a part of Metaverse
  • Interactive Prototype and User Story Creation to Facilitate Effective Feedback Communication within the Team and Enhancing Agile Process.
  • Composable Business Framework: Recreating and Reinventing Businesses
  • TRUIST - AWS Connect
  • Change request impact analysis and user story creation

ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt Ltd:

  • Positioning Cyber Solutions: Mapping the Market for Effective Targeting and Enhancing Sales Outreach in Cyber Security


  • Risk consulting of NBFC's using ITGC and RBI
  • Risk Consulting - ITGC Audits for various NBFCs and IS Audit
  • Risk Consulting through ITGC Audit and SOD
  • Risk consulting : ITGC , ITAC & IS Audit using RBI
  • Risk Consulting - ITGC and SoD

Bain Capability Network:

  • AI in Consultancy
  • Satellite Broadband (Deployment strategy, Cost – CAPEX OPEX and Revenue, B2B, B2C adoption)
  • Providing Strategic Support to Global Bain Case-teams on Telecom and and PayTV Market Overviews and Early-life Churn Benchmarking

Battery Smart:

  • NPS dashboard , Inactivity dashboard & others
  • Optimizing EV battery swapping stations: streamlining operations and expanding infrastructure
  • Reducing TAT of onboarding process & Competitor analysis


  • Strengthening Organizational Resilience: Gap Assessment for NIST Framework Implementation, Compliance Marketing, Cybersecurity Operations Management, Analytics and Automation
  • Security and Compliance Marketing, Operations Management, and Gap Assessment in Implementation of NIST framework for a manufacturing company


  • An approach for auditing an organizations information security management system. - Audit methodology based on guidance from ISO 27002
  • Developing a Solution for measuring the performance of an organisation's ISMS system.
  • Advancement in Data Privacy
  • Enhancing Information Security Compliance in the BFSI Sector: A Toolkit for Effective Outsourcing of IT Services

CyberSecurist Technologies Pvt. Ltd:

  • Business Development Cybersecurity Solution Consulting, market research and developing social media marketing strategies for SMEs
  • Market analysis, creating leads in USA, and exploration of the global application security market potential


  • Anti-Fraud Governance Framework, Structure and Best Practices in Telecom Domain
  • 5G Fraud Landscape & Security
  • Innovative solutions for Payment Fraud Prevention: Fortifying the Financial Ecosystem

Deloitte (Risk Advisory A&IC):

  • Internal Controls Improvement Project
  • Internal controls improvement project
  • Improvement of internal controls

Digintel Infosol LLP:

  • A Holistic Examination of Piracy in the Indian Market: Proposing Service-based Solutions to Bolster Anti-Piracy Strategies
  • Techno-market research on computer forensic tools
  • Mobile forensics for android and ios
  • Components of technology based RFP and response to it.
  • 1930 Hotline for cyber crime victims
  • Assessing the Impact of Piracy in the Indian Market and Exploring Strategies for Strengthening Anti-Piracy Measures through Service Offerings


  • 5G enabling IoT security and Cyber resilience
  • Data migration for leading data centre and cloud service providing company
  • Navigating the Complexity of Data Privacy Regulations: A Comprehensive Study on GDPR Implementation and Challenges
  • 5G Deployment of LIT, Dark & MW LIT Fibre
  • 5G deployment:From construction ready to on air
  • 5G Security Threat Landscape and Cybersecurity framework
  • Overview of cyber resilience in IT/ITES
  • Data Privacy (GDPR) implementation for Telecom Client
  • DC Operations Process Improvement for a Leading Global Data Center Client
  • Internal Audit for Circle operations for a Tower company
  • RBI Master Direction-Mitigating Risks and Strengthening Regulatory IT Controls
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Research on Data privacy requirements availability for telecom and unified compliance checklist for a online clothing brand
  • Develop a Go to Market Toolkit to build a Resilient Enterprise
  • 5G Security Threat Landscape and Cloud Security framework for a Digital Engineering Client
  • Research Work in the area of 5G enabled technologies in various sectors.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy for Implementing Cyber Resilience
  • Created Unified Control Framework For Global Clients
  • Mapping of the data protection regulations around the world with the privacy control framework.
  • Navigating the Digital Era: Understanding Digital Transformation and Data Migration; evaluating the best practices and risks associated
  • Internal Audit in Collection Accounting & Reconciliation for a Telecom client
  • GTM, Research & Thought Leadership, Solution Kit Development
  • Created Unified Control Framework and Cloud Control Matrix for Financial Institutions
  • Joint GTM strategy with solution vendors for Domestic Financial Services and Solution Kit for Cyber Audit
  • Ensuring Data Accuracy: A Comprehensive Report on Data Validation for settlement member and trading member.
  • The Role of Internal Audit - From Risk Awareness to Value Creation

Fortune Business Insights:

  • Defence Cyber Security Market: Global Analysis and Insights
  • Global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Market : Research and Analysis


  • Driving value for tech CxOs at the world's biggest insights platform

Gravitas AI:

  • Market Research for Identification of Quality Prospects
  • Market Research for Identification of Quality Prospects for AI Based Chatbots
  • LinkedIn Strategies for Success: Maximizing Your Brand's Impact
  • Digital Marketing strategies: Driving meaningful engagement through social media
  • LinkedIn Optimization: Maximizing Brand Visibility and Engagement
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy: Maximizing Social Media, Content Marketing, and Sales Channels
  • Social Media Marketing and Advanced Analytics


  • Digital market research in formation of Client Development Team
  • Harnessing Digital Insights and Building a High-Performing Client Development Team
  • Empowering Client Development Team Excellence through Digital Insights

Happiest Minds:

  • Analysis and implementation of real-time Emission monitoring solution
  • Implementing an Integrated IT Solution for ESG Reporting


  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis for Inbound Sales Strategy Development
  • Preparation of Market Strategy by Competitive Analysis using Data Analytics Tools and Creating Marketing Plan for Brand Positioning and Differentiation
  • Market Research and Competitors Analysis in Sales

 Linkwell Telesystems Pvt. Ltd:

  • Comprehensive Market Research, Trend Analysis and B2B Marketing for POS Terminals in the Indian Payment Industry
  • Comprehensive Study for Indian Payment Sector : Market
  • Research, Trend Analysis, and Service Quality
  • Enhancement Strategies

Magneto IT Solutions:

  • Maximizing brand awareness and generating leads for Magneto IT Solutions from the USA, UK, and Canada using content, email, and LinkedIn outbound marketing
  • Designing and Executing Targeted SEO Strategies for selectedFirms to Maximize Search Engine Visibility, Traffic, and Conversions.
  • Planning and executing SEO-optimized content marketing strategies for Magneto IT Solutions to enhance brand visibility, increase website traffic, generate leads, and, as a result, accelerate revenue growth.


  • Prospect engagement using a CRM in a B2B context
  • Streamlining Customer Engagement: A Data-Driven and Automated Approach to CRM Optimization
  • CRM- Engaging and nurturing prospects in a B2B setup
  • Nurturing and Engaging prospects using a CRM in a B2B setup
  • Marketing a CRM in a B2B Environment

Mojojojo Marketing:

  • Data analysis of social media handles and operations tasks of social media campaigns

Morgan Stanley:

  • Automations to support Non Financial Risk Management

Omega Consulting:

  • Conducting market research on cutting-edge technologies and developing social media content to enhance the organization's outreach
  • Digital technology research, synergy calls with clients, assistance in website development, and providing technology white papers to increase the organisation's outreach

Outlook Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd:

  • The impact of social media on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions
  • Corporate activity analysis for Outlook Business Magazine
  • Analyzing Customer lifetime value(CLTV) for Outlook Business Magazines
  • Trustworthiness and Mobile Internet Quality of Payment App on Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales and Promotion of Outlook India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Benefits of Digitisation to the company on their work

Reliance Jio:

  • Market Research in IoT
  • Market Research in IoT
  • Market Research in IoT
  • Market research in IoT
  • Market research in IoT
  • Market Research in IoT

Sciera Inc.:

  • Optimizing Website Launch: Content Planning and Market Research for US Internet Service Providers. Competitor Analysis, and Social Media Audit for an Internet Deals Platform Search ads campaign analysis and Keyword Planning for better SEO
  • Market research on US wireless industry
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis on the US Wireless Market
  • Market Analysis of Key players in the US Wireless Industry
  • Effective Marketing for B2B

Sirma Business Consulting:

  • Developing and Marketing a Business Strategy: A Project on Market Research, Lead Generation, Competitive Analysis, Pitch Deck, and RFP Response
  • Brand Building Strategies for Start-ups: An In-depth Analysis of Effective Brand Management


  • Process Improvement Through Financial Automation
  • Optimizing Loan Management Processes and Decision-Making: A Business Intelligence and Analytics Initiative at Sitara, SEWA Grih Rin Ltd.
  • Strategic Analysis & Business Development Recommendations
  • Strategic Social Media Marketing and Communication for Brand Expansion


  • Consulting - Creation of Risk Catalogue for Business Assurance
  • HyperSense AI prospecting and GTM. Packaging RA and FM to upsell HS AI.
  • Leadership Social Media Management
  • GTM Strategy for Hypersense AI in the BFSI domain
  • IDCentral- Product Analytics, Strategic Partnerships, Data Mining and Pitch Deck
  • Market Analysis,Competitive Research, Prospecting for PEM

Sylis Technologies:

  • Develop an appropriate GTM strategy & Marketing Plan to launch B2B IVD Business
  • Develop an appropriate GTM strategy & Marketing Plan to launch IVD Business and prepare Marketing collateral and build Social media marketing plan for Turnkey project, B2B, B2G business


  • ITGC/ITAC audit using ISO 27001-2022 standard.
  • Enhancing Internal Auditing Practices through Third-Party Standards: A Summer Internship Project Report
  • ITGC /ITAC audit and ISO 27001:2022 ( ISMS ) implementation for organization's
  • ITGC/ITAC Audit and Implementation of ISO 27001-2022 for the organisation.
  • ITGC/ITAC Audit and Implementation of ISO 27001-2022, ISMS , BCMS and PIMS for the organisation.
  • ITGC/ITAC audit using ISO 27001 standard
  • ITGC/ITAC Audit and Implementation of ISO 27001-2022 for the organisation.
  • To ensure the organization's adherence to ISO 27001-2022 and conduct ITGC/ITAC audits
  • Sales of Cloud Directory platform as a service
  • Customer acquisition in cloud directory as a service

Tejas Networks:

  • Exploring the Landscape of Ethernet Switches in India: Market Dynamics, Top Players and Procurement
  • A Comparative Study of Marketing Analytics Tools and Exploring the B2B Marketing Landscape
  • Exploring the business use cases of captive 5G network
  • Business strategy formulation of Private 5G Solution & evaluating TAM, SAM, SOM for Tejas Networks
  • The Indian Telecom scenario and Tejas Networks’ unique standpoint


  • Market Research on AI/ML

Vodafone Idea:

  • Applications based on 5G
  • CPOS Modernization
  • VI Cloud Business - Portfolio Growth Plan
  • Managed service offering by Vi "Unified Communication and collaborations solutions as a service"
  • Increasing Engagement on Vi App
  • Cloud Strategy for MNO's
  • Drive Hero Unlimited Adoption

Create awareness of Vi IOT capbility inducing acceptability with the potentail customers



  • Resource Capacity Planning For Application Operations
  • Performance & monitoring upgrades and reinforcement
  • Service Excellence - Enhancing Digital Experience

AmberFlux EdgeAI

  • Marketing Plan for AmberFlux retinEdge - diagnostic tool for eye care
  • Business Plan for AmberFlux Edge Computing AI Market place


  • 5G Network Implementation


 Risk management, ITGC/IS and other necessary Internal Audits and reporting

  • Risk Consulting: ITGC, ITAC, SOD Review, and JV Testing
  • Preparation of ITGC Audit document for an NBFC client and conducting IS Audit using RBI Master Directions guidelines
  • Internal Audit involvement in Enterprise Risk Management


  •  Digital Marketing and Client Engagement

Bharati Airtel 

  • Growth Strategy for SMB- ILL 


  • Personalized Notifications Using Augmented Reality For Customer Engagement
  • Immersive mobile app notifications powered by Augmented Reality for customer engagement


  • Detailed analysis on Cloud security tools in multiple aspects of security in the cloud

Dawn Digitech 

  • Market research on AI and Salesforce


  • Business Process Automation using Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps
  • Business Development Solution Consulting and Client Engagement
  • Making proposals for RFPs for submission to the businesses 


  • Global Landscape of Data Privacy Regulations
  • Internal Controls - SOC Reports Overview
  • Client dashboard - PowerBi
  • Compliance Governance Framework for SDLC-Agile and CICD Tools
  • How to help large organizations manage and automate their SAP software utilization and entitlements using in-house SAP LUI and LUPA tool
  • Data Privacy Control Framework and its Applicability
  • Cyber Program Maturity Assessment
  • Security in AI - Security controls, frameworks and guidance required in developing and using AI and AI based solutions
  • Controls listing for ISO27001, NIST 800-53 and EY Client | Maturity Evaluation Framework
  • GDPR implementation for a leading media client
  • Business Continuity Management in Retail Sector
  • Comparative Analysis of ITSM Tools
  • Customer Experience and Process Improvement of a tool for FMCG Client
  • Cyber Security in the age of Metaverse
  • Demerger - IT Project Management
  • Software asset management for a leading global brewing client and Preparation of Govt. of UK digital supply chain security conformance report
  • Data Protection Framework and Privacy Framework Designing
  • Implementation of ISO 27001 for an e-commerce client
  • Privacy in AI
  • SAM as a Practice
  • Organization Demergers and IT Separation - Project Management
  • Cyber Threat Vectors Analysis in Telecom Industry
  • Tool Review: Trello as a Project Management Tool
  • SAM-IBM Licensing
  • Surveying Privacy Automation tools for organisations
  • Software Asset Management - IBM Licensing
  • IT Security Review : Digital Money Platforms


  • Digital Marketing Internship, Business Development in the On Demand Consulting Domain
  • Analysis of Marketing Strategy for On Demand Consultancy Firm


  • End-to-end inbound and outbound marketing plan


  • Digital Marketing and Sales Growth

Gravitas AI

  • Marketing Management: Strategy and Implementation for Digital Success
  • Managing the growth and sales of AI-based chatbot
  • Marketing Management for B2B Business: Research, Strategy, Implementation & Analysis for Digital Marketing Success 

Happiest Minds Technologies 

  • Digital Transformation in the Energies & Utilities domain and in EV Architecture

HugoByte AI 

  • Analyzing the new business unit by understanding the market shifts through research and developing streams for revenue generation

Infinium Global Research 

  • Market Research on Recent Trends and Technologies


  • Product lifecycle management and its metrics
  • Ofcom's Openreach Monitoring Unit & Google Cloud Platform for Telcos
  • Product Lifecycle Management and its Metrics
  • Research & analysis on the top OSS/BSS product vendors in the CSP ecosystem
  • Ofcom's openreach monitoring unit and Google Cloud Platform for telcos
  • Quantum Computing and Processing Tools
  • Research On Top OSS/BSS Partners
  • Quantum Computing

Insplore Consultants 

  • Marketing And Finance Strategies

Invictus Business Solutions 

  • Digital Marketing For Payment Reconcilation

Knot Solutions 

  • Analysis and Market Research


  • Customer Activation and Engagement Strategies
  • Buy Now Pay Later Credit Model


  • B2B Inbound Organic Lead Generation using Marketing Automation for IT, SaaS & Cybersecurity Organizations
  • Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding and Research on Client portfolio across the B2B business domain.

LoadShare Networks 

  • Purchase order management
  • Asset Management Reconciliation
  • Admin Payout Reconciliation

Magneto IT Solutions 

  • Digital marketing: Search engine optimization strategies
  • Content Marketing Activities and Analysis
  • Website Development, Drafting RFP & Market Research for Potential Clients


  • Implementation of CRM in B2B SaaS Sales: Lead Capturing & Nurturing

Mobigic Technologies 

  • The Role of Customer relationship management (CRM) in B2B Development.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) experiences of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing firms


  • Building scalable marketing campaigns on HubSpot Selling, HubSpot Integration services, custom integrations and Market Research for B2B businesses
  • Business Development, building scalable marketing campaigns on HubSpot Selling, Website Optimization service, HubSpot Execution and Market Research for B2B businesses for Niswey

Options Group 

  • Analytical research project covering various industries & Data optimization project
  • Data Sanitization & Optimization for Strategic Hiring in Investment Banks; Secondary Research on FMCG Industry for Pitchbook Creation


  • B2B Sales Management(Employee Health Benefits) & Market Research
  • B2B Sales Analytics - analysing the reasons behind lost cases

Perspect AI 

  • AI and Game Based Assessments in HRM
  • Automation In Recruitment

Phoenix Compliance 

  • Market research, lead generation and driving the top end of the marketing funnel for a SaaS product in the designated US territory
  • Market Research, B2B Lead Generation and driving the top end of the marketing funnel for a SaaS product in the designated US territory
  • Patient Synchronisation, Lead Generation

ProcessLOGIX Consulting 

  • ISMS implementation and its documentation
  • Information Security Management System and Risk Assessment

Reliance Jio 

  • Jio-Things Home Appliances
  • Jio Smart Surveillance Cameras and Signages
  • Market research on Smart home appliances and IOT devices
  • Implementing the IoT strategy in Industrial Devices
  • Smart Metering Solutions using NB-IoT

Reliance Retail 

  • Benchmarking Reliance Retail's Online Shopping Experience vis-à-vis Competition

 Sensata Technologies 

  • Identification of long-term market potential and Sensata growth opportunities for emerging trends

SimplyFI Softech India

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Analysis
  • Strategy Development of Blockchain Products


  • Marketing analysis and activities


  • Scope of Subex RAFM in Utilities Sector
  • Relevance of Subex in super apps.
  • Pre Sales in Cybersecurity
  • Risk Management of an Enterprise and Solutions
  • Client acquisition & relationship management, Inbound sales


  • Identification and Evaluation of Cyber Security products in various Industries
  • ITGC/ITAC Audits And ISMS Implementation
  • ISO 27001:2013 and MPA Content Security Program implementation project for Marketing and Entertainment Organization
  • Implementing Information Security Management System (ISMS)


  • IT Sales and Marketing
  • Robotic Process Automation - Data Verification


  • Developing, Analysing, and strategizing Business Models

Tenovia Solutions 

  • Campaign Initiation and Analysis on E-commerce platforms

The Practice Centre

  • Market Mapping for tapping potential clients through lead generation and email marketing
  • Researching, Mapping and Implementing Digital Media Strategies


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

Vodafone – Idea

  •  Smart Mobility Bundled Offering (Hardware + Connectivity)
  • Time series data ingestions & real-time data analysis with visualization using distributed column-oriented open-source platform
  • Hyper scalers role in Telco Applications
  • To build a product roadmap via exploring scalable edge computing use cases with respect to the Indian market
  • Prepare the vision and Product backlog for centralized Customer Support

Western Union 

  • Growth of E-commerce due to marketing technologies

cube Labs Pvt Ltd

  • Leveraging Digital Marketing and Market Research for Digital Transformation


  • Machine Learning for Accurate Impact Analysis of Infrastructure Metrics on Virtual Network Functions for Pro-Active Planning
  • SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)- Toil reduction analysis in Integration
  • Solstice - A transformation for Agile IT Delivery
  • Competency Transformation and Agile OPS (Digital Operations)

Adani Ports & SEZ

  • Design of GPS data ingestion for fuel Analytics and Simulation Analysis for Ports
  • Inter Terminal Transport - Analysis & Strategy

Aiotor labs Pvt. Ltd

  • Product Management and Financial Analysis on Precision Agricultural Machine and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Analytics
  • Product Research on Electric Motor, Batteries
  • Malware Detection & Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning
  • Strategising and Analysing the market by Leveraging Advance Technology Innovation and Robotics
  • Smart Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing/End to End 3 D printing solution


  • Content Creation and Market Research for Open Source Survey


  • The 5G effect: Enabling 5G business opportunities
  • Market Research on Blockchain and IOT and How the organizations have been Implementing these technologies, and where does AT&T solutions fit in?

Aumyaa Consulting Services

  • Information Security Management System ISO 27001 Audit and Implementation
  • IT Internal controls to ensure ERM compliance incorporated with privacy controls
  • Internal Audit involvement in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Compliance & IT Internal Audit as per Information Technology Framework for NBFC Sector


  • Cyber Security Risk Consultng Services in B2C/B2B

Biiibo Inc

  • Enhancing Digital Transformation using Digital Markting Strategies

Boot Infotech

  • Market Research and effective Business Strategy in the Healthcare Sector


  • Dashboards in Power BI
  • Content Creation and Social Media Marketing for BugendaiTech
  • Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Website Development
  • AI-Powered Talent Acquisition Software Research, 2D and 3D Face Recognition Research, Covid-19 Tableau Dashboard


  • AI powered Augmented Reality for User Engagement in Mobile apps
  • AI/AR to drive User Engagement in Apps


  • Growth and Strategy for Saas Based Products
  • Automated data collection and Funnel analytics in B2B Fintech
  • Understanding the internal mechanism of a B2B Fin-tech with respect to marketing


  • Privacy stands as a victim to the usability of new applications
  • Impacts of AI on Cybersecurity
  • Custom benchmark for security of containerized applications running on AmazonEKS

Dvara Solutions

  • B2B Business Development and Benchmark Analysis


  • Business Development : Across the B2C Business Domain, B2C Sales Domain,through lead generation and conversion under B2C Sales domain, Strategic Alliance
  • Market Segmentation & Client Engagement in Ed-Tech Sector
  • Tethering content to people in B2C sales
  • Customer Engagement for B2C Sales Growth in an Ed-Tech Company
  • Product Research, Marketing and Strategies in B2C Domian


  • Security BAU
  • Future of "SAM in Cloud world"
  • Master Data Governance for the implementation of Oracle Asset Tracking Module
  • Data Privacy in Telecom nodes
  • Internal Audit & Product Lifecycle Management at a leading telecom company
  • Implementing Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Optimization of usage of tools in DevOps
  • Software Asset Management
  • Open-Source Software (OSS) - Governance Tools Comparison
  • Management of IT Processes and Implementation of Governance Mechanism for an FMCG Client
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) tools comparison
  • How will the Indian Education Sector deal with the rising Cyber Threats
  • Information Security Risk Management for Third-Party Suppliers in FMCG industry
  • Framework for Evaluation of Organizational Resilience
  • Cyber and Information Security effectiveness assessment including future readiness for organization
  • Business Resilience in post-covid 19 era

F13 Technologies

  • Scope of Digital and Technological transformation in the Indian Railway Ecosystem

Granuler CIO Consulting

  • Digital Transformation with ERP Implementation and strategy
  • Analysis on Market Research and Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies
  • Technology and Marketing for B2B business

Hugo Bytes AI Labs

  • Market, competitor and feature analysis to launch the new product by understanding the business and strategy for further development of business
  • Driving the launch of the new business unit by understanding emerging markets, market shifts, and developing streams for revenue generation and market penetration


  • Marketing as a tool for Brand Planning, Strategy and Development
  • Market Research and Content Development for Tech Project
  • D2C Marketing Analysis: The Comprehensive Content Marketing & SEO Report
  • A broad overview of techniques implemented to enhance customer engagement and retention

Innoserv Group

  • New Product Development Management


  • Business Development, Competition analysis of different cloud based VDI products across B2B domain
  • Partnership Development for Cloud Business, Comparative analysis of cloud VDI solution providers

K12 Activity Academy

  • Content Creation and Delivery for EduTech
  • Lead Generation of Educational Institute
  • Market Research, Lead Generation ,Strategy planning for edtech
  • IT Management .Enterprise Relations and Strategy Planning
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Planning and Implementation of K-12
  • Enterprise Relationship Management and Curating Mentorship Program for EdTech
  • INVENT - Fintech Program Formation


  • Business Development, Marketing and Strategy across the B2B Marketplace


  • Market Viability Research for Possible Innovations in the Augmented Reality Industry
  • Healthcare Domain Research and Analysis
  • Market Research and product development in Augmented Reality Industry
  • Prototype Development, Healthcare Analytics

NTPC Limited

  • Assessment of the IT infrastructure and IT integrated services at NTPC Farakka

Omega Consulting

  • Competitive analysis and marketing strategy for AWS to target retail segment customers
  • Customer Experience Management Software Implementation Strategy

Orion Market Research

  • Market Research & Industry Analysis of global Cryptocurrency Market and Indian Smartphones Market
  • Renewable Energy Market


  • Website Revamp : Marketing Project Management

Reliance Jio

  • Broadening the future of IoT connectivity in India through nationwide launch of NB-IoT services
  • Open RAN Business Analysis

Rezo AI Labs

  • Revamping Customer support with detailed analysis on various sectors by leveraging Conversational AI for contact center agility
  • Digital Marketing, Establishing online presence of the brand


  • Study on Student Brand Ambassadors and Preparation of Financial Model

Tata Tele Business Services

  • Pre-sales for Enterprise Business
  • Study of Consumer Behaviour, Product Sales and Market Research
  • Lead Generation for enterprise Business
  • Consumer behaviour and digital product development after the effect of Covid19 pandemic
  • Empowering the MSMEs enterprises with the emerging Technology trends of TTBS”.
  • Pre-sales in enterprise business, market research and deep analysis of telecom products of TTBS
  • Engagement with potential Channel Partners & lead generation for Cloud CRM and various ICT Services of Tata Tele Business Services
  • Study of business development through product Sales of cloud and data services,channel partners on-boarding and get into the consumer behaviour.
  • Study of Business Development in Service Industry and Understanding Consumer Behaviour in MSME sector through Product sales of Cybersecurity Solutions

The ProdZen

  • Non-Functional Requirements for Product Managers, Community Building and Content Marketing
  • Go-to-market strategy and information security in product management

Tvarit GmbH

  • Product Marketing of AI/ML Solutions in Manufacturing Sector.


  • New product development on Virtual Co-working spaces
  • Market Research & Business ecosystems of Startups
  • Product Research and Marketing Strategies across SBUs

Aeron Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • Market research and lead generation for the latest IoT technology-based performance monitoring product for renewable energy plants in the global market
  • Market research and lead generation for the latest IoT technology-based performance monitoring product for renewable energy plants in the global market.
  • Deep-dive analysis of International Market competitors and Customers of Inertial Navigation Systems and determining feasibility to venture into international market space
  • Analysis of iAQMS


  • Market Research and Analysis of global education market


  • Impact of Covid-19 on BCP of organizations and how AT&T solutions fit in
  • Research Analysis on Impact of Covid19 on System Integrators.
  • Market Research on Global IT Deals.

AutomationEdge pvt.Ltd.

  • Strategizing and implementation of Digital Marketing techniques for Automation and Hyperautomation based products


  • Consumer Perception towards
  • Bakery and Confectionery Products in Eastern India


  • Understand the market condition and develop strategies to generate sales and revenue for the company using Data Analysis and Regression Model

BluCursor Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

  • Digital Marketing to increase company presence on all platforms using SEO and social media marketing along with digital marketing strategy building for future.

BORN Group

  • Strategic consultancy across industries in Retail, Telecom & BFSI


  • Market research, Identification of potential leads and Solution conceptualization of AI based Sentiment Analysis in various domains.
  • Conceptualization planning and execution in marketing communication for CHISTATS ,Potential leads (BFSI)
  • Identifying potential applications areas and stakeholders using AI and ML in Precision Agriculture
  • Market research and Solution conceptualization for Sentiment Analysis, AI & ML in various domains
  • Identifying Potential Application areas and stakeholders using AI and ML technology in Precision Agriculture.

Dabur India Ltd.

  • Analysis of Changing consumer demand patterns with respect to Health supplements

De-cix India

  • Understanding the Role of Internet Exchanges in India, their Competitor analysis & marketing strategies


  • Cloud based revolution in Telecom, Media and Payments - Boons and Bane
  • Implications of 5G Deployment on Changing Infrastructure and Future Business Models
  • Implementation of hosting physical server data to cloud in AWS
  • Blockchain-based solution for telecom operators - Key-drivers, Market sizing, Forecasting
  • Creating and Implementing marketing module in DFaaS

DxSherpa Technologies

  • Campaign design to market ITSM and CSM solutions of ServiceNow


  • Competitor Analysis and Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs


  • Analysing the Edtech market and it's future scope.
  • Providing a marketing plan for edtech startup and analysing the effects of covid-19 in the edtech industry.
  • Creating brand awareness by running various digital marketing campaigns.


  • Strategising, research and analysis of digital marketing online campaigns for numerous customer objectives.

Entrib Analytics Pvt. Ltd

  • Visibility through IIOT solution to increase OEE


  • World of IoT & Advanced Analytics - What it holds for the future of Telecom Industry
    Secure Configuration Review of Telecom Nodes
  • Development of Privacy Procedures in Context of Personally Identifiable Information for an International Federal Government Entity
  • Leveraging predictive modelling risk based vulnerability assessment for Telecom Industry
    GTM Strategy for Telecommunication Regulators across MENA, Africa & ASEAN Regions
  • Enterprise Asset Management for Healthcare
  • Futuristic Capabilities of Digitized Telecom B2B Offerings
  • Security Alignment of '5G' with respect to 3GPP Requirements
  • Security & Threat Modelling for the 5G Wireless Communication Network.
  • Governance,Risk and Compliance for GST Ecosystem and GSTN
  • Creating Social Engineering campaigns and Developing Secure Configuration automation using CIS benchmarks.
  • Goods and Services Tax Network - Advisory for IT Control & GRC
  • Physical security Blueprint Design
  • Analysis of the Ad Tech Ecosystem
  • Cyber Security Centre of Excellence
  • Data Governance and Data Privacy
  • Security Baselining in Cloud Native Architecture for 5G
  • Cloud Security Assessments in Telecom and IT Industry

F13 Technologies

  • Market Research for strategic development to build an Edtech Platform As A Service (PaaS) and its Ecosystem


  • To study about the financial literacy and research on Indian financial service providers.


  • Firework Network - Research and Outreach


  • Repositioning and Marketing of Company Services during COVID19

Flying Homingos

  • Applying Digital Marketing Strategies to build and grow brand presence ensuring product awareness by planning and creating digital content for various social media platforms along with social media marketing

Frontiza Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Investment Sentiment and pattern after Covid19 inEquity Mutual Fund and Insurance

Gazon Communications

  • Market Survey and Lead Generation : Enterprise Business


  • Harnessing the potential of Gig-Economy to optimize sales and expand businesses

Global Market Insights

  • Market Analysis for Clients : ADAS Market
  • Green Data Center Market

Hedge Equities

  • A Study on the Impact of selected financial variables on share price of companies listed in NIFTY Auto Index

Helical IT Solutions

  • Management of marketing and support activities of Helical Insight


  • Analysis and development of digital platform for Vendors-customers with formulating strategies for Business Development

Hughes Systique Corporation(HSC)

  • Deep dive Market Research and need gap analysis
  • Market Analysis of Intelligent Monetization Platform and SUPL across Europe.

Hvantage Technologies

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Formulation and Implementation for Amazon's SPN – Evantage

Interactive Brokers

  • Compliance analysis, Tax review and Regulatory check for EEA clients (European Economic Area) in accordance to UK regulations issued by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Jaro ToppScholars

  • Generation of Admissions in the admission department at Jaro Toppscholars. Lead and prospects generation and development of a strong sales pipeline with sales closure.

Kanuush Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  • Market Analysis, Lead Generation & Promotional Strategy for Akhila Software (Cloud Based )


  • Market Research, Competitive Analysis and Market Penetration Strategies for E-Commerce Start-up


  • Design and implementation of Cloud security on VPC Level and setting up Slack-Freshdesk integration for efficient service management

Metroguild Inc

  • Lead generation and Data gathering for Real Estate industries and other sectors

Mini Ply

  • Website Development and SEO

Mobility Foresights Pvt Ltd

  • Research, Analysis and Market Forecast of Various Industries


  • Marketing and Operation of IoT Device for Modern Agriculture

Myshopiq Technologies

  • market research on customer experience and satisfaction for cloud based multi channel commerce platform

Nestle India Pvt Ltd

  • Understanding consumer and market competitors and analyzing start-ups.

Netcore Solutions

  • Digital Content Strategy and Implementation for B2B2C customers in the United States
  • Design and implementation of Go-to-market using Competitive data Analysis for capturing B2B2C customer for the United States

Nets International

  • Market Intelligence and case studies on cloud migration services using public cloud

Neviton Softech Pvt. Ltd

  • Digital Marketing aiming to enrich company’s brand presence by strategically planning and creating expansive year-long digital content for all social media channels, foster virtual team building activities and introduce chronicles and CSR initiatives

North East Space Applications Centre (NESAC)

  • Research on Design Considerations and Maintenance Requirements of Earth Station Satellite Network as compared to cellular wireless network in order to deliver Tele-education and Tele-Medicine services in remote areas

Ocupetal Consulting

  • sales and promotional mix of the ocupetal consulting and market research in Ed-tech Sector


  • Study and Overview of LPG Market in India
  • ONGC Marketing and it's aspects

Parallel Wireless

  • Live Project: Private 4G LTE Network: Understanding the use case and implementation challenges Research Project: 5G Telecom cloud

Provyze Solutions

  • Cyber Security as a Service - Strategic Launch


  • M&A in Healthcare & Pharma

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.

  • Collaborate to build smart cities by adopting digital transformation and empowering customers during pandemic like Covid-19 through apps.

Renous Consulting

  • Developing Marketing strategy and increasing Sales, customer acquisition of the client. Enhancing the digital Reach of the company through social media

Rusk Media Pvt Ltd.

  • Understanding Online Content Consumption Behaviour


  • Design and Implementation of Sales Cloud in Travel and Hospitality space.


  • Adopting IoT implementation strategy for smart cities
  • Business Development, Competitive analysis of IoT Implementation across the B2B business domain.

SG Analytics

  • Market Research and Analysis of FBB(fixed broadband) , MBB(Mobile broadband) , Smart home and AI across different countries

Skyquest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

  • Market Research on Livestock Technology Evaluation and PFO closure devices
  • Market Analysis on Livestock Technology Evaluation and Business Development Research on Industry Automation, Robotics and Health Insurance Markets report

Tata Steel

  • Business development of Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) in Eastern India market
  • Market Sizing India (specially North India) for demand of ferrous steel scrap, Create a Loyalty Program for Steel Recycling Business Implementation of Data Analytics & ML in Cash-Flow Management of Tata Steel

Tata Tele services

  • study of consumer behaviour in education sector
  • study of consumer behaviour through product sales and market research Associate and Channel Partners (AP/CP) On boarding
  • Study of consumer behaviour through Product Sales

The Brand Saloon

  • Strategy Development and Management in Digital Media

Up Market Research

  • Market Research and Analysis of Various Industries: Before and After COVID-19

Vodafone Idea Limited

  • Market Study, Competitive Analysis, Challenges of Embedded Sims and Cloud Products
  • Competitive Analysis and Market Study of FLV products, new developments, initiatives and further potentials.
  • Market Study, Competitive Analysis, Challenges of SD-WAN and Cloud Products


  • Developing and strategizing brand communication across multiple industries
  • Understanding the internal mechanism of a full-service Digital Marketing Agency; Brands- Faces Canada and Domino’s India


  • Market Research on cloud services in covid era


  • Business development, New Market Analysis, Competitive analysis and Digital marketing for Client Management.

Aeron Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • Understanding the current position of the iAQMS market and analyzing company’s market strength by implementing various marketing models.
  • Finding the Feasibility of the iAQMS in the IOT market at global level
  • Identifying the existing customer’s pain point from primary research and performing Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Conducting competitive analysis to understand the market and sales trend
  • Seek and provide data on competitors, consumer, and sales to help the company determine the product position in the marketplace

Arden Telecom Pvt Ltd

  • Telecom Survey and Marketing
  • FTTH and UBR installation processes and market research

AT&T Business Services India Pvt. Ltd

  • Identification of organizations related to SD-WAN market with emphasis on PAN India coverage
  • Segregation of industries on their requirements and create different propositions for the sales team to take it further
  • Client visits to pitch the introduction of new product
  • Providing insights about the customers to the sales team & generating awareness about the product to the customers respectively
  • Finding out ways to increase revenue using marketing strategies

Bharti Airtel Limited

  • Analysing the change in Telecommunications needs of emerging businesses in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cites
  • Making strategies for Airtel to meet the communication requirements to the industries in Jharkhand
  • Drop and Carry: Internet Service Provider and Multiple System Operators

BTB Venture

  • Business Optimization with Consolidated Data Analysis, Visualization, Prediction and Strategy formation using R and Tableau
  • Brand perception study for US based leading survey agency aiding to channel marketing and strategizing brand enhancement of BTB venture.
  • Identifying and implementing strategies for feeding sales funnel through data mining and analytics
  • Revamp online media company with detailed analysis on brand perception and user experience by leveraging product management facets.


  • Data Analytics in ML


  • Developed and implement business development strategies and programs across the sales channels for new lead generation and marketing.
  • Carrying out detailed market research and analyse to identify new partnership and business opportunities.
  • Preparing business proposals and presentation to present and pitch a new client about product and services.
  • Worked closely with Business Development Managers to plan and support client servicing.
  • Evaluating performance of clients ongoing marketing campaigns, such as email, social media campaign.

Convergytics Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • An End-to-End Project on Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with ARIMA model in R

Cygnet Infotech Private Limited

  • Design a go-to marketing strategy for Cygnature
  • Develop a GTM strategy for Cygnet's tax solutions in the UK and Europe markets.
  • Analysis of Emerging Technologies (AI,ML,AR/VR, Blockchain) impact on Media & Entertainment Industry.(Specific to North America)
  • IT Outsourcing Market Assessment and Sales Strategy Implementation for ISV & Technology Industry Segment [Specific to North America]

Datanomics Pvt Ltd

  • Design and Implementation of End to End Sales Campaign of Datanomics - Bill Formatting and Presentment Tool

Deloitte Haskins & Sells LLP

  • Risk based IOT architecture for data collection and management of remote systems

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

  • Forensic Auditing and Blockchain: Detection and Prevention of Frauds
  • Framing guidelines and standards for Skill development Council of Government of India in Telecom Sector
  • Recommending digital transformation solutions for the client's Elite Protection Group

Digicia Technologies

  • Preparing Digital Marketing Plan for Digicia Technologies


  • Understanding and Enhancement of MIS-GIS framework for monitoring in OFSDP-II


  • Telecom Fixed Asset Verification and Governance
  • Audit & VAPT onsite @client Policybazaar
  • Threat vector analysis in Telecom Industry
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Telecom security use cases
  • Cybersecurity Program Management implementation with NIST 1.1
  • SOC use cases for Telecom Core Network Elements
  • Active Detection and Mitigation of Security Attacks on 4G networks
  • Client Project-Bharti Infratel Limited
  • Project Athena: Telecom Fixed Asset Verification and Governance
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing for Network Security
  • Blockchain enabled smart procurement
  • A comprehensive take on the AI landscape and its implementation in GDPR


  • Online Reputation Management

Happiest Minds Technologies

  • Market Research Analysis and Consultation of IOT Domain
  • IoT solution for a fossil fuel power plant

Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  • Implementation of analytics in Helical Insight BI tool
  • Bounce rate Analysis and AB analytics using Google Analytics
  • SWOT analysis of different BI tools

Hughes Systique Corporation

  • Indian Retail Market research for WiFi Analytics Solution
  • B2B marketing: Marketing and Content Repurposing for HSC products & solutions

Inteliment Technologies

  • End-to-End Model Building in Rubics Data Science platform
  • Development Learning and Development Repository for Indian Business Unit

Intellibuzz TEM Pvt. Ltd.

  • Development of E-Commerce Website for
  • Digital Marketing Executive

M76 Analytics

  • Political Data Analysis(Major) / Data Visualization(Minor)
  • Channel-wise profitability and simultaneous multidimensional analysis of broker efficiency and churn out
  • Business domain and claim analysis strategy formation
  • Broker Assisted Churn of Mutual Funds
  • Optimizing the lead generation by increasing the web traffic of a company via Linkedin page and SEO implementation

Matrix Cellular International Services Ltd

  • Impact of IR packs by domestic telecom operators on Matrix sim card business.
  • Study on Indian International Travellers' Telecom Experience Analysis

Mercedes-Benz India Pvt Ltd

  • Optimize Customer Portals for ease of customers and attract more sales targets
  • Social Media Analysis of Pan-India dealerships to increase customer engagement
  • Optimization and new feature addition for Car Configurator
  • Analyse and develop Marketing strategies for Mercedes-Benz


  • Strategizing, Implementing and Analyzing Digital Marketing Solutions for Global Clients to Increase User Engagement and Brand Visibility
  • Creating brand awareness and improving user experience for Global Clients by leveraging digital tactics.
  • Digital Marketing, its components and their successful implementations
  • To Understand the Ecosystem of Digital Marketing

Mobisoft Technology India Pvt. Ltd

  • Sales based on market research


  • Digital Marketing to enhance company brand presence, tap great talent and engage employees

OYO Rooms Private Limited

  • Revenue Management
  • Development of cost model for optimization and standardization of expense for Engineering Services Team (EST)
  • Revenue Forecasting - Time series forecast model to predict RevPar

Quantazone Inc

  • Client acquisition, Market research, Digital Marketing

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

  • Enhancing Capabilities of RGCS in emerging Risks and Risk Management & Governance

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

  • CMS Leadership - Journey from Red to Blue
  • Social Media Marketing Intern
  • Enterprise Sales and Acquisition
  • OFC laying and vendor details management

Rewise Analytics and Technologies

  • DeepGenix Application designing using several combination of machine learning algorithm and have an built in smart chat-bot.

Rivigo Services Pvt. Ltd

  • Product management/Product analysis
  • Digital Enablement of Technological Tracking Adoption
  • Developing a Funnel forAnalysing the Churn Percentage
  • Lead Management System for Rivigo Business Partners
  • VBL study & potential harness

SenRa Tech Pvt. Ltd.

  • Identification of different verticals for IoT implementation


  • Market Analysis and Feature Study of End-to-end Enterprise Security Solution- Managed Detection and Response
  • Market trends and competitive analysis of Identity Governance and Administration cyber-security solution

SG Analytics

  • Preparation of credit review notes for a global wealth management client

SRV Media Pvt. Ltd.

  • Integrated digital marketing model based on consumer’s online behaviour for personalized marketing communication

Supreme Electronics

  • Solar Project Implementations

TS Infosoft

  • End to End strategy formulation and implementation of organic digital marketing and business development

Vodafone Idea Limited

  • VIBS-Large Accounts enterprise customer churn analysis and retention.
  • Studying the Customer Life Cycle Management of prepaid customers with 2G Feature Phones in Vodafone Idea Limited
  • International Roaming Customer Value Management for increasing incremental revenue
  • Strategy planning for increasing acquisition of Enterprise Customers
  • Consolidation of standalone Radio Access Networks (RANs) of Vodafone and Idea
  • Digital Platform(IoT based) for "Ready mix concrete buisness for UltraTech"
  • Increasing the Product Penetration in Top Accounts & Non-Mobility Funnel
  • Enterprise Acquisition and Product Penetration
  • Multi-Product penetration strategy in Mobility strong accounts & Super IOT proposition in logistics sector
  • To increase the penetration of International Roaming Pack sales of Vodafone
  • Churn Management and retention Analytics in telecom

Xpress Minds Edutainment (P) Ltd.

  • Marketing and Sales for Mind Wars – India’s Biggest Knowledge Acceleration Program


  • SAP-sales and distribution & share capital management project
  • Share Capital Management Solution under SAP, SAP-Finance and Controlling & Aoire Financial Structuring.
  • SAP- Finance and Controlling & Share Capital Management Application Solution


  • Analysis of technical and business aspects of mobile advertising industry via RTB and affiliate business along with campaign management, optimization, fraud detection and data analytics
  • Analysis of mobile advertising market and technology landscape, and campaign creation, optimization, and lead generation
  • Mobile Advertising: Grasping its ecosystem and enriching the engagement in Open-RTB by campaign Implementation, Management and Optimization


  • Fraud Investigation, Restructuring of Business Model, Expense Variance Analysis, Tracker of Client Database, Development of Proposals and Engagement Letters

Bharti Airtel Ltd

  • Driving Channel Productivity through Samsung-Airtel Tie-up in a challenger Telecom Market
  • Reasons for Gross Negative Address Verification and Suggestion or Solution for the same.


  • Digital Marketing campaign for Coinsecure

Crysagi Systems

  • Research on Present State of Indian Neutraceuticals Industry and its Potential & Sentiment Anaysis

Datanomics Pvt Ltd

  • Design and Implementation of End to End sales campaign for Whizcoms- Bill formatter


  • Assesing the digital risks and initiatives across industry standards, Development of Digital Risk maturity model, Role of SDN & NFV in 5G, Telecom Risk Analytics
  • IFRS 16- Building an independent implementation for OFC Service providers

Entropik Tech

  • Analyze the consumer neuroscience market and technology landscape, development of a GTM strategy and marketing mix for Entropik Tech and analyzing consumer emotions data

Ernst & Young

  • Impact of AI on GDPR and Privacy Laws
  • Governance,Risk and Compliance as Managed Security Services
  • Governance,Risk and Compliance as Managed Security Services
  • Transformation of the Legacy Operational Support System
  • Legal & Regulatory Policy Impact on Telecommunications in India
  • Comparative study of tower companies across emerging markets
  • New service Telco can provide using IoT : Advertising in IoT Era.
  • Travel Food Services (TFS) Audit and Physical Verification
  • New service Telco can provide using IoT : Advertising in IoT Era.

Exioms Technology Private Limited

  •  Understanding the Business Opportunities of Blockchain Technology and its Implementation in FinTech Industry & Business Analysis and Mind Mapping


  • Creative Marketing

Gozoop Online Pvt. Ltd.

  •  Using Social Media for Social Good.

Happiest Minds

  • Market Opportunity Analysis and Consultation of Consumer Domain & IoT Domain
  • Working on a Multi Touchpoint Integrated Marketing Strategy

Hughes Systique

  • Market Analysis and Sales Prospecting : Digital transformation of Niche Markets
  • Repurposing of Content for optimum utilization of knowledgeware

Impact Guru

  • Market Analysis and Business Development in Pune
  • Market Penetration,Data Collection and getting possible leads from Hospitals .
  • Handling Lead Generation and Outbound sales for medical cases
  • Revenue Generation Analysis
  • Business development in Pune (Shivajinagar and wakad)

Indus Towers Ltd.

  • Risk and Root Cause Analysis of Collection Deficiencies


  • Express wi-fi for Open and Enterprise network

MachinePulse - Mahindra Susten

  • Analysis and Recommendation of Digital Marketing Strategies.

Marketyard Agrisolutions

  • Business Development and Market Reseacrh for Marketyard Agrosolutions Pvt. Ltd.


  • Domain Research and Sales Prospecting of Metroleads

Navneet Education Ltd



  • Study on Household Cooking Fuel Usage and Willingness to convert to LPG

Oasis centre for reproductive medicine

  • Devising Strategies to increase patients from doctor referrals, Increasing Patient Referrals From Abroad Through Medical Tourism Facilitators, Drawing Insights From Leadsquared and ARTis using Analytical Tools

Petolutions India

  • Strategic plan for B2B SaaS offering and comprehensive Go-To market plan for B2C services

Portronics Digital Pvt. ltd.

  • Feasibility report: scope of car accessories in Mumbai
  • Market research for Portronics products in car accessories market and Creating brand awareness

Primus Techsystems

  • Market analysis for SAP Success Factors in and around Western India
  • Extended Business Management (EBM) Partnership Program

PS Quick IT

  • B2B Business Development Through Different Channels & Analysis of their Effectiveness

Ravar Group

  • Business Development and Strategy planning for SaaS based application
  • Develop lead generation strategies and marketing plans, communicating new products to prospective clients

Reliance Jio Infocomm

  • HoReCa - Jio Phone Segment Reach Out
  • Jio Phone segment reachout, Analysis of effectiveness of Various BTL activities
  • 3I - Infrastructure, Investment and Involvement of distributors across Himachal Pradesh
  • 3I - Infrastructure, Investment and Involvement of distributors across Himachal Pradesh
  • Market Intelligence and Competition Benchmarking
  • Channel -3I (Distribution Monitoring)


  • Optimisation of Customer Payment Process Lifecycle
  • Micromarket Acquisition

SRV Media

  • Business Development of Payment Gateway and Link Solutions
  • Content creation and analysis of video to generate the leads in digital marketing

Startup Arena

  • Machine Learning Model Creation for Business to Business Marketplace Lead Generation


  • Designing and implementation of end to end sales campaigns for Talkd


  • Fraud claims and operational risk reporting in Insurance
  • Operational and Fraud Risk Analytics

Tata Power

  • Analysis of cash flow and aligning payments and receipts at Tata Power-Delhi
  • Urban zone customer acquisition

Tata teleservices

  • Business Plan for Rationalizing network costs during demerger.


  • Enabling digital transformation through Amazon Web services (AWS) based cloud and big data solutions (A managed services perspective)

Vodafone India

  • Create plan for optimal transmission capacity utilization by automation
  • Customer Market Model and Communication Channels for SOHOs
  • Development of Purchase Inventory Management Tool & Synopsis on Call Drop Studies
  • Network planning for transmission capacity utilisation by automation.
  • Product awareness & means of penetration in Fleet Management - part of IOT Ecosystem
  • How better account development plan helps account managers increase win rates by 30%.


  • Product Development and Client Engagement for CATINDEX – an analytics based reporting tool for FMCG brands
  • Network Equipment Providers: Market Assessment, Prospecting and Account Profiling Designing & evaluating Business Target plan for the next two years in FMCG Space.
  • Development of Promotion & engagement strategies for the product


  • New App development and Optimising operations
  • Business Development and Market Research for OTG app, Elevating Sales along with Campaign Designing
  • E2E Business Development of App ecosystem and optimising overall business Performance


  • Network Equipment Providers: Market Assessment, Prospecting and Account Profiling


  • Business Development and Lead Generation for

Bharati Airtel

  • Building a strong go to market to increase 4G devices penetration and drive increased consumer base in key clusters in M&G
  • Driving channel productivity through innovative Up Selling and Cross selling in a Challenging Telecom Market


  • Current and Future trends in mobile marketing ecosystem in India
  • Direct Carrier Billing scope and application in India as a potential mode of mobile payment.


  • Intensive Market research and its implications on product ecosystem
  • Market Research and developing strategies for Company’s Services for Smart Cities


  • Developing Strategies for Business expansion and analysing opportunities across different Geographical Locations

Digitally Inspired Media

  • Recognizing potential project roadblocks, making strategies and identifying opportunities to achieve transformation of goals quicker and with greater efficiency on the entire digital marketing platform to be used for client.

Entropik Tech

  • Analyze the consumer neuroscience market and technology landscape, and develop a GTM strategy and product plan for Entropik Tech

Ernst & Young

  • Implementation of Robotic Process Automation in Revenue Assurance & PAN India Customer Base-GST State Mapping for VODAFONE
  • Carrier Aggregation in LTE Advanced and its prospects in 5G
  • End to End IT Audits
  • Information security trends in IoT & Blockchain and Compliance assessment with EU GDPR
  • GST implementation at VODAFONE
  • Study of Cyber Security laws of different countries
  • Impact of consolidation on Towercos
  • Studying trends of Alarms generated by OSS and Network Uptime calculation wrt 21 circles with report generation
  • Implementation of Block Chain Technology in Telecom Use Cases & Novation Activity Closure for STT GDC India Pvt Ltd


  • Designing marketing strategies for the products, Lead generation through data cleansing and restructuring and development of commerce platforms for fluidonomics.

Gaia Smart Cities

  • Sales and Development of IOT products for Smart Cities
  • Product Management of IOT products and Consultation on Smart City Solutions for Gaia Smart Cities

Happiest Minds

  • Market opportunity analysis and consultation of SDN-NFV global market for Happiest Minds
  • Market opportunity analysis and creating use cases for IoT solutions.

Hughes Systique

  • Identifying Suspect in Europe IoT industry and e-mail automation Campaign
  • Implementation of proof of concept for social selling to reduce the sales cycle

Indus Towers

  • Studying the effectiveness of the Passive Services provided to the operators and analyzing O&M.
  • Risk mitigation of sites by maintaining electrical hygiene using Thermal Gun.
  • Analysis of Loss of Business to Competition
  • Loading Revenue Analysis
  • Cost Reduction & Compliance Reporting – Energy Audit
  • Rental reduction by land owners of the acquired tower sites.

Intellibuzz TEM

  • Auditing and Operations Support for Telecom Bazaar (ELLE)
  • Market Analysis for Telecom Bazaar (ELLE) and Closely worked with Pre-sales team

JunoTele Solutions

  • New use cases for mPOS devices and New Solutions to Banks and NBFC Companies from Junotele's point of view

Knowledge Lens

  • Search Engine Optimization for Knowledge Lens Website and Strategy for Online Branding of Knowledge Lens and its product
  • Generation of leads using digital marketing channel and strategize the rebranding of products
  • Market Research, Marketing Strategies & Competitor’s analysis for Knowledge Lens Products- S Lens and M Lens
  • Financial Analysis of Knowledge Lens and it's Competitive Landscape
  • Product re-branding, re-advertising and printing
  • Market research and product strategies for SLens and Mlens

Laugh Out Loud Ventures

  • Lead Generation, Marketing And Sales of E-Learning Website (Laughguru)


  • Domain Research and Sales Prospecting of Metroleads

Mobisoft Technology India

  • Analysing consumer buying behaviour and preparing a marketing plan for it.

Mumbai Convergence Hub

  • To enhance the online presence of the company by devising digital marketing strategies & optimize the Ad Budget
  • Understanding Indian Internet Ecosystem with 'Internet Exchange Point' in India.


  • Business plan on smart home and office/sdn-nfv
  • Analyzing and Studying smart Electric Metering Solution


  • Implementation of digital marketing strategy for the organisation to increase visibility and content designing for different target segments for the company
  • Implementation of digital marketing and designing go to market framework for happy being app to reach NGO and corporates

Orange Business Solutions

  • Analysis of IT Service Management market in India & its potential for Orange Business services
  • Project Management Process for Application Projects
  • Building a Framework to measure the resource utilization project wise, initiating Time and Motion study to optimize resources and if can be mobilized
  • New Generation Service Desk

PhrogApp Labs

  • Developing Business model for Ppt Assistance for PhrogApp Labs

Reliance Jio Infocomm

  • Asset Deployment, Utilisation & Monetization for ISC, OSC & Wi-Fi
  • Project Vistaar-Increasing CTR and dispersion with respect to industry and infrastructure/eNodeB
  • Brand and Business ( Youth Segment Acquisition & Retention)
  • Industry Intelligence: High Impact Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in ICT Domain
  • Asset Deployment, Utilization and Monetization @ LTE eNodeB
  • HNI Analysis- Acquisition and Monetization
  • Project Vistaar - increasing CTR and dispersion w.r.t. Industry and Infrastructure/ eNodeB
  • Project Rang de Himachal- Path to leadership (RMS/CMS- acquisition & U&R)

Smarter BIZ Technologies

  • Market Research, Pre-Sales and Go to Market Strategy for Smarter BIZ Technologies for named account
  • Digital Marketing Campaign for Smarter BIZ Technologies

SRV Media

  • Strategy formulation and implementation for digital marketing using market research and business development

Taraspan Solutions

  • Strategizing UCC to become a diversify revenue stream for hotels

TATA Elxsi

  • Market Analysis of Residential Gateway OEMs in Europe
  • Market Analysis of European Operators/Telcos

Tech Mahindra

  • Create Marketing Kit for HLS IBG and improve the marketing process

ValueNotes Strategic Intelligence

  • Opportunities for paper security in Real Estate, BFSI,Education, Government and Service sector
  • Market Analysis Of DTH Operators in India
  • Impact of Google my business on classified industry

Vodafone India

  • Studying and analyzing the evolution in Telecom B2B Sector
  • DCR, Downtime Outage analysis and Commercial reconciliation of Infrastructure providers
  • Enabling Enterprise Sales on Pillars of Analytics, Governance, Ordnance & Voice of Customers
  • Developing Churn Models using Data mining techniques and Customer Engagement.
  • Studying Customer journey: Prepaid recharge
  • International Roaming Penetration for Vodafone Potential Consumer Base

Aircel Limited

  • Developing future prospects for m-commerce business
  • 4G network deployment with wireless backhaul solution
  • Developing future prospects for m-commerce business

Bharti Airtel Ltd.

  • Frequency Allocation and Site Analysis
  • Monetization of WIFI services

Digitally Inspired Media

  • Digitally Inspired Media

Ernst & Young

  • Smart Township-An Integrated model towards Smart City
  • Mobile Commerce Ecosystem: Evolving Risks and Controls Framework for Payment Instruments
  • Online Retail Companies and Mobile Phone Apps
  • Analysis of Privacy standards in the Healthcare Sector of US and EU
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction by doing root cause analysis of problems with the help of key identifiers, factors and KPI’s that result in slow mobile data speeds and also providing end to end solutions to overcome the same in 2G/3G networks.
  • Embracing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software defined Networking (SDN) Solutions for Sustainable Growth in Telecom
  • Mobile Commerce Ecosystem: Evolving Risks and Controls Framework in the implementation of UPI
  • Application Data privacy framework and Risk associated with data monetization
  • Active Network Sharing
  • Spectrum Sharing and Trading
  • Wi-Fi Data Offloading
  • Comparative analysis across 4G operators and implementation scenarios

GPX India Pvt Ltd

  • A Market Research Project on "Indian Data center Market
  • A Study on Indian Data Centre Market

Hayat communications

  • Study of indoor solutions(IBS and Booster)

Idea Cellular Ltd

  • Telecom Frauds : Detection & Mitigation
  • Business Process Management

Indus Towers Limited

  • Site Acquisition Process Implementation
  • SR - RFAI TAT Reduction of New Build Sites
  • Analysis of Variance and Determining the factors responsible for variance In the Total cost of building new sites and sharing sites for the fiscal 2015-2016
  • Energy Audit of Sites
  • Preventive Maintenance

July Systems and Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Business Analysis for an Online Food Tech Business and selection of an appropriate Software Life Cycle Methodology
  • Market research for Video Platforms in India and Creation of a Sprint Plan for a Premium Video Service Mobile Application

Laugh Out Loud Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

  • Marketing and Sales Associate of LaughGuru to improve its market share in Bangalore region

Lyca Telecom

  • Business Development, Market Research and Framing Strategies for upcoming mobile virtual network operator in India
  • Strategy formulation, Marketing and Sales to promote Lyca mobile products in the market for Business Expansion
  • Strategy formulation, Marketing and Sales to promote Lyca
  • Marketing Plan, Business Development and Expansion Strategy along with Study of '' Future of mobile wallets''
  • Customer Satisfaction level with Lyca services
  • Digital and Print media marketing of Lyca

MVM Business Services

  • Various digital marketing tools and various aspects of digital marketing.
  • Effective ways of creating web applications
  • Complete strategy for creation of web application for technology products website
  • Concept of Digital marketing and native advertising facilitating marketing

Pelorus technologies pvt ltd

  • Market research on two factor authentication
  • Market Research on open source intelligence

Pixel Care India Private Limited

  • Digital Healthcare Industry in India

Sify technologies limited

  • Digital marketing and marketing communication
  • Marketing communication and event management
  • Marketing Framework for B2B business

Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

  • Smart City Project (Raipur & Dholera)

Tata Communications Ltd

  • TCL Solution Proposition for E-Commerce

Tejas Networks Ltd

  • Study on perception about SDN implementation by Telecom operators and other ICT/telecom players

Techwider Network India Pvt Ltd

  • Designing a feature for Wydr app based on market study and devising marketing strategies to implement it
  • Devising strategies (marketing or business) and/or features for customer retention.
  • High Growth Strategy for selected Wired Products on "Wydr" - eCom WS App
  • Understanding Buying Behaviour of Retailers and suggesting Marketing strategies for them
  • Understand & recommend strategy for Tech Wydr to entrench deeply in key WS hubs of India
  • Understanding & Refining Strategy For Select Apparel Categories On "Wydr" - eCom WS App

Aaramshop Ltd.

  • B-2-B Marketing And Business Development

Ahoy telecom pvt. limited , Noida

  • O2O : Marketplace : ADTECH & FINTECH


  • Market research and competitive analysis

Atcom Mobitech Pvt. Ltd

  • Developing future prospects for m-Commerce business

Buongiorno India Pvt. Ltd

  • Product analysis & market strategy for Buongiorno India, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia

Happiest Minds Technologies

  • An in depth analysis and consultation on Industrial Internet of Things Global Market for Happiest Minds Technologies

Indus Towers Ltd.

  • Smart City Concept Indus Towers, Manpower Assessment, Revenue Enhancement
  • Revenue enhancement - validation of OPCO's actual load at site vs. punched in ISQ
  • Energy audit of sites
  • Analysis on SR-RFAI for Turn-Around Time(TAT) Optimization and continuous improvement
  • Landlord Relationship Management

Lava International Ltd.

  • Retail Inventory: Online Transition, A New Business Opportunity

Innov8, The Co-working space

  • Designing Market Strategy and Development

  • Exploring New Sales Avenues and Branding Avenues

Parallel Wireless

  • Market Opportunity Analysis of Small cells & HetNets

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd

  • Handset Market Study and customer acquisition via handset bundled offer
  • Enterprise Marketing and provision of 4G driven solutions
  • HVC & UHVC Customer Mapping and Acquisition
  • Youth connect and acquisition
  • Jio App adoption
  • Digital Marketing Penetration & Brand Implementation
  • APP Adoption and Jio launch GTM

Sterlite technologies

  • Study and research over BHARATNET
  • Marketing framework for B2B in Sify Technologies
  • Marketing and Sales of a business utility mobile-app for MSMEs called Len Den Khata
  • Sify corporate site revamp

Times Internet Limited

  • Spending of DAVP on MVAS Services
  • Market Analysis, Product Design, and Go To Market Strategies for STAR QUIZ
  • International Market Opportunities for Follo and VAS
  • Mobile Video Advertisement

Xoriant Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Lead generation through market analysis and offering portfolio

Aircel Limited

  • Customer Retention and Usage Analysis
  • Data Usage and Retention Program
  • Competition Benchmarking on Acquisition - Customers and Retailers
  • Brand Perception Mapping-Aircel and Competition

Airtel Business

  • Customer Satisfaction, Revenue Enhancement and Cost Saving
  • New Activations and Segmentation Corrections
  • Customer Specific Network Utilization-To Enhance Service Delivery Experience
  • Accelerate transition of voice services worth INR 500 Mn to Airtel

Biz Technologies

  • Emerging Trends in E-Commerce & M-Commerce
  • Revolutionizing Marketing Trends in E-Commerce
  • Online Product Marketing and product development for Biz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Research on new On-page Search Engine Optimization technique

Clay Telecom

  • Brand Preference and Competitive Analysis of Clay Telecom SIM Card in International Telecom Services
  • Study the sales flow process and propose a digital marketing strategy
  • Business Development, Market Research & Framing Strategies for Mobile Virtual Net work operator
  • Market Research and Lead Generation strategies for business expansion
  • Customer satisfaction and customer retention leads to customer loyalty

Ernst and Young LLP

  • Machine to Machine Risks and Solutions-Risk Control Matrix (RCM)
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)-Advisory to setup a SOC for a Telco and approach to run a PMO for implementation
  • Security in 4G Network: Interfaces and Network Nodes
  • Minimum Baseline Security for Telecom Networks in line with DoT amendments
  • Telecom Regulations and Impacts on IT systems
  • Risks in the integration of telecom and IT infrastructure for establishing a Smart City
  • Minimum Baseline Security required for Services: IPTV & M-Banking
  • Study on Cost-sharing of Telecommunications Infrastructure Based on Co-operative Game Theory using Shapley Algorithm eMBMS: LTE Broadcast
  • Business Process Migration using ARIS for Idea Cellular Ltd.
  • Asset Management Audit for Indus Towers

Esec Security Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

  •  Design and conceptualization of company website

 Happiest Minds Technologies

  • Network Function Virtualization-Market Analysis and Offering Portfolio
  • Wearable Technology-Market analysis & offering portfolio

 Helical IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Digital Marketing & Go-To-Market Strategy for Helical Dashboard Insight (HDI)


  •  Digital Marketing and its effect on global E-Commerce industry

Indus Tower

  • Increasing Accuracy of Data Collection through Android Application and Survey on Relocated and Retained Sites
  • Analysis of New Built Site Acquisition Process and Recommending ways to Improve Productivity
  • Hold and Locked Sites-Material Retrieval
  • Estimation of Should be energy cost for operation of mobile towers
  • Scope of Energy Cost Optimization
  • Invoice Processing and Payments: On-Time Payments from Work Completion Date
  • Alarm Analysis to ascertain the Health of the Site In Order To Mitigate the Risk of Fire
  • Energy Through IMAP
  • FCU Alarm Compliance
  • Automation of Weekly-Reports
  • Analysis of various functional domains for revenue assurance through study of solutions offered & identifying potential growth options for sustainable business development
  • Billing Transformation Project
  • IME capability assessment-Strengths and Gap Analysis post IME implementation
  • Warehouse Process Improvements
  • Effectiveness of Rental Negotiation and Site Acquisition Process
  • Space optimization for institutional sites
  • Billing Transformation Project
  • Effectiveness of rental negotiation and site acquisition process
  • Impact on the Business of various Service Providers who are affiliated to Indus Locations (Towers)-A Statistical Analysis
  • Promoting Positive Safety Culture
  • Rent Master Reconciliation-ERP System/Revenue Assurance Desk
  • Rental Processing Control
  • IME Check & Audit


  • Opportunity Assessment Analysis for Japanese Client


  • Analysis of Fraud Risks for OTT Players
  • Mobile Money - Benefits and Challenges of Integration with Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana


  • Mobile and Social VAS - Avenues for triggering growth opportunities and Analytics
  • Development of Business Intelligence Platform for Smart Campaign

Ogilvy and Mather

  • Increase Google Rankings of Clients through Search Engine Optimization
  • Devise Mobile Marketing Strategies for B2B & B2C Clients
  • Strategizing mobile marketing across brands at Ogilvy
  • Executing social media campaigns & exploring display advertising possibilities across brands
  • Exploring Mobile Marketing opportunities across brands at Ogilvy

Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.

  • Understanding different types of Telecom VAS of Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.
  • B2B lead generation and client acquisition for Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.
  • Market Survey and Lead Generation for Telecom VAS
  • To Understand the Ecosystem in Mobile and Voice Marketing

Protinus Technologies

  • Market Penetration for Fashion-Tech Platform and Creating Business Model for Talent Partner Collaboration
  • Conceptualization of E-commerce for fashion technology platform 6Degree
  • Integrated Marketing and Product management for portfolio of 6Degree platform
  • Product Marketing and Market Expansion for 6Degree
  • Strategy formulation, Marketing and Sales for Various Offline Events

Reliance Communications

  • Service Assurance and Delivery for Enterprise Customers
  • Key Account Management for Enterprise Customers
  • Revenue Assurance for Enterprise Customers

 Reliance Jio

  • Market Analysis of Handset Pricing Strategy

Senapps Technologies

  • Creating an indicator framework for Smart Cities based on ISO 37120:2014 standard with application to a city & specify system requirements & portal features for utilization by citizen & administration
  • Digital Marketing for Smart Buildings

Siemens Ltd.

  • Billing and Procurement Process

Sopra India

  • Revenue Sharing Models in Telecom Ecosystem
  • M2M/IoT Strategy for a Telecom Operator

SRV Media Pvt. Ltd.

  • Market Research and Sales on Digital Media Platform

Tata Teleservices

  • Analysis of the Market segment of SME division for an Enterprise business of TTSL and identifying the potential segments for their products named CDN and L2 Multicast
  • Analysis of SME Market for Enterprise business of Tata Teleservices Ltd. and Identifying potential for Managed Hosting Services
  • Analysis of SME Market for Enterprise business of Tata Teleservices Ltd. and Identifying potential for Location Based Services (LBS)

 Times Internet

  • Market Research and Sales on digital media platform
  • Enhancement of “Sales Pulz”
  • Market Research on Acceptance of Influencer based Loyalty Program
  • Scope of Loyalty Program in a Patient Assistance Program-Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Strategic Alliances to Cross Market FOLLO-A celeb connect application.
  • Social Media Strategy for Follo-A Celeb Connect Platform

 Ultimate Digital Solutions Pvt. ltd.

  • Marketing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT Marketing)

Urs Day

  • Business development and brand building for Urs Day brands

U-Ton International

  • Forming Business Plan and Strategy for entry into Indian Market

Airtel Business

  • Business Analysis and Development for Increasing Data Penetration in Tablet Market
  • Data mining and analytics to sustain and increase revenue in key accounts
  • Analysis and Development of enhanced bill delivery solution to counter bad debt accumulation
  • Formulating retention strategies for enterprise self- paid customers


  • ACEEP: Measuring Customer Experience in Telecom Industry

Astute Systems Pvt Ltd

  • Market Penetration of Samsung and Apple's Smartphones and Tablets by implementing the sales strategy
  • Finding the market scope for Apple and Samsung Products in Retail and Corporate Sectors

BlazeClan Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Business Development and Market Research
  • Organizational Process Improvement and Business Development

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd

  • Billing and Fraud Management for prepaid post-paid and roaming scenario and strategy to decrease revenue leakage


  • Mobile Internet analytics and product enhancement strategies


  • Client Acquisition and Business Development
  • Development of a digital marketing strategy for the retail industry focusing on every aspect of marketing digitally
  • Market Research & Business Development Strategy for Client Expansion
  • Lead generation and sales strategy for ComputoVision
  • Business Development Strategy and Competitor Analysis for setting up new office in Vadodara
  • Strategy for setting up a new office at Raipur with all initial operational requirements
  • Strategy for business development and digital marketing for clientele in nashik region
  • Business Development for ComputoVision in Nagpur
  • Developing business expansion and revenue generation model for E-commerce business
  • Business Development for Web Based Solutions
  • Strategy for Business Development and Online Marketing for Clientele in Pune Region
  • Developing revenue generation model for E-commerce business

Ernst and Young LLP

  • Information security of M-commerce ecosystem and Security of cloud computing
  • ISMS implementation & data privacy solution
  • Assessment of Telecom Node Security with reference to X.805 framework
  • IT Process and Controls Review
  • Solution on Social Engineering Threats
  • The Telco SME Cloud Computing Opportunity
  • Key Performance Indicators in Telecom Industry
  • Sustainable energy solutions for passive Infrastructure providers
  • Impact of Big Data on Telecommunication Providers
  • Role of Analytics in maximizing Telco's revenue and securing revenue streams

Global Cloud Xchange

  • Product Marketing: Global Ethernet

Happiest Minds Technologies

  • Background study for marketing campaign for M2M communication market and strategy planning for future investments and service offerings
  • Big Data Testing: Testing-as-a-service

HCL Learning Ltd

  • Analysis and Evaluation of New Business Opportunities for HCL Career Development Portfolio
  • Suggesting outline of specified course modules for New CDC Course in Digital Marketing

I Knowledge Factory Pvt Ltd

  • To Study IT Infrastructure Management of IKF for solving IT related problems by monitoring Trouble Ticketing System
  • To design a Disaster Recovery Plan for Web and Mail Server

Idea Cellular Ltd

  • Research on image of idea among customer & comparative analysis with other operator
  • Research of Retailer Market to identify Key Market Drivers and develop recommendations to enhance Retailer experience

Inteliment Technologies

  • Big Data and Analytics in Telecom Ecosystem


  • To study Market Potential and Growth for the clients of IKF IT Consulting & Services
  • In depth analysis for a multipronged approach in Digital Marketing: as a diversified form of Business Development using Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing and building offline b2b sales channel for using innovative marketing technique

KeyPoint Technologies

  • Competitive benchmarking, market research, patent analysis of keyboard applications and data analysis of Adaptxt


  • Event Marketing and lead generation for "The Money Event". & Building a Robust mobile ecosystem

Manacle Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Feasibility of cloud computing in secondary sales application
  • Digital Marketing for Skytouch Infotech Pvt Ltd

mCarbon Tech Innovation

  • Impact of Brand Storytelling through Digital and Content Marketing
  • Product Management in MVAS Enterprises In India

Mindbowser Info Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Study of different types of Retail Companies to identify IT needs and developing an Email Campaign for Retail

NE Mobile Services Pvt Ltd

  • Business development process through media agencies
  • Uploading content for Application through CMS
  • Tapping business opportunity through secondary market research and business development process
  • Product Management and Business Development Process for Web Portal
  • Business Development Process for Mobile Apps and Content Business
  • Market research and business development process for Mobile Apps

Neo Research

  • E-commerce and its market potential
  • Market Research and Analysis

Protinus technologies LLP

  • Product and Brand management for 6degree
  • Product Management and Sales
  • Product management and marketing of stepINGift and 6Degree
  • Market Research and Business Deelopment of new Product
  • Product Marketing: StepINGift and 6Degree
  • Product Management For StepINKrd

Reliance Communications Ltd

  • Service Delivery, Service Assurance and Churn Management for Enterprise Business
  • Service Assurance and Delivery for Enterprise Customers of RCOM
  • Revenue Assurance & Credit Control
  • Service Assurance and Service Delivery for Enterprise Customers of RCOM

Sterlite Technologies Ltd

  • Reduce Gross Fund involvement using S&OP and Forecasting process
  • Role of Fiber in Transition from 2G to 3G to 4G

Subex Ltd

  • Exploring the opportunities and revenue landscape of African and Pacific region and re-energize the engagement of Subex in Indian market
  • Re-Enerzing Subex engagements in APAC region and Identifying Revenue Assurance opportunities for Non Telco’s
  • Exploring the opportunities for Subex in Middle East and APAC market and making partner management a strategic function

Suzlon Energy Ltd

  • Wind Energy: Sustainable Business Solution

Tarshan LLC

  • Market Research & Business Development for Oracle stacks

Tata Teleservices Ltd

  • Analysis of SME market segment for business development of enterprise ICT solutions and identifying potential for MPLS
  • Analysis of SME market for enterprise business of Tata Teleservices and identifying potential for Colocation Service
  • Analysis of SME Market as a Segment for Enterprise ICT Solutions with Emphasis on Managed Hosting Services and its Potential
  • Analysis of SME market segment for business development of enterprise ICT solutions & identifying potential for INSTACOMPUTE Services
  • Analysis of SME market for Networking Solutions And Identifying Potential for MVoIP
  • Analysis of SME market for the enterprise business of Tata teleservices ltd and identifying potential for managed VoIP Service, Colocation Service
  • Cross Selling - Lead to Install
  • Study on anatomy of non-payers

Tech Mahindra Ltd

  • Pricing & Licensing Strategies and Product Management for DaRT (Document Formatting Product)

Technex Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Roadmap to compliance with ISO 9001:2008- Requirements and Recommendations of a QMS
  • Market Research Analysis and Development of a framework for Sales-as-a-service process

Techwire Software Solutions

  • Business Development and Key Account Management, with key emphasis on Digital Marketing Services, for Techwire Software Solutions

Telecom Sector Skill Council

  • Skill Gap study in ESDM Sector & Drafting National Occupational Standards
  • Bird's eye view of skill development and skill gap study-odisha perspective

Times Internet Ltd(IndiaTimes)

  • Alive - Understanding the Market Pulse
  • Monetization of Board Exam Results
  • GreetZAP Plus- Product Structure, Framework and Analytics
  • Understanding and analyzing the consumer usage pattern and facilitating product enhancement for Follo.
  • GreetZAP Plus- Product Marketing, Framework & Analytics


  • Business Development and Market Analysis

Xalted Corp Ltd

  • Worldwide study on Telecom Laws, Regulations, Policies and Legislations on Lawful Interception